How to make a Meme Picture. My last one didn't turn out so well and I think it deserves a chance:<br /> /funny_pictures/357332/How+to+make+a+Compilation/  Guide How to Make a meme picture
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How to make a Meme Picture

How to make a Meme Picture. My last one didn't turn out so well and I think it deserves a chance:<br /> /funny_pictures/357332/How+to+make+a+Compilation/

My last one didn't turn out so well and I think it deserves a chance:<br />
/funny_pictures/357332/How+to+make+a+Compilation/ <br />
(Yes I realise I'm a hypocrite for posting a link to my stuff in the description)

How to make a:
First you need to pick a meme to make a picture of.
Some people make their own (which end up horribly
failing), Others post reposts (Somehow get to the
top), But many find ones from ychan and pass it oft
as their idea.
There are many great
memes. Such as:
Courage wolf
Advice dog
Bachelor frog
Socially awkward
Musically impaired duck
oblivious tth
grade girl
r ck A
FUUFUU guy Fuck yeah guy
As I have just proved it is extremely easy to find
these templates.
I mean you type in *insert desired meme'
template in on google.
A retard could figure that out!
Now you have chosen your meme you must
scour the inner depths of your mind to create at
least midly funny ideas and put them down.
Or you can do the 'original' thing and repost
everyone elses ideas (guarenteed to get you to
the top)
So it' s time to start thinking of ideas
if your brain can handle that). Well here
are a few of the DOS and DON' T' S of
meme ideas:
Post ORIGINAL ideas that are
incredibly funny.
Repost other peoples stuff.
I mean EVERBODY loves
seeing the same stuff
twice. ESPECIALLY when it
comes to memes. Actually think about yourmaker
before you make them. Will
people get it?
Tell people you thought of
them all yourself. (Even though
you probably copied most of
them from ). Make jokes that actually fit with
the memes persona. (l mean
who wants that?)
End with your meme of choice
telling people that if your picture
gets a certain amount of thumbs
you' ll make more.
End with and absolutely
hilariousgifs that will make
people remember your picture.
Along the way you may want to slip in random spelling
mistakes and controversial topics to get the comments
flaring on your picture.
Now you' come to posting it on Funnyfunk.
The title has to be the REAL original, ‘Name of meme'
For the description you may want to tell people to thumb you up
AGAIN, or you could post links to your other unfunny shit. Either is
a 'great' idea.
Next to think of tags.
But DH NO! Don' t you dare put tags that
are actually to do with the picture. Sure
it' s much better to put things like
description' and the all time favourite
The game' (sorry bout that one).
it doesn' t matter anyway. Your pic will
be 'so FUNNY' that it will get to the
top so people won' t have to find it via
Follow these simple rules and you' ll be well on your way to making
front page worthy Meme pictures.
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