Fresh Avatar Thread. This was an awesome thread I came across. Link: /channel/bendingtime/avatar+title+is+cool/nlsRGay/. new this is a story all about how my li avatar thread
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Fresh Avatar Thread

new this is a story all about how
my life turned upside dawn
new please give me yew undivided attention
N' I' ll tell Wu hawl became an outcast ofthe Fire Nation
in the Fire Nation, born and raised
in the courtyard, my children were most eitheir days
chillin out, relaxin and maxin', all peel
cheetin same fireballs outside manual
but my husband Deal, he was up to no good
starting makin' touble in the neighborhood
I had a big fright; it'll ya iwas scared
I said "Deal I' ll kill let Emem be spared"
Saints ' s meal I snubs a bit
I got in and I got out without a bit and
afterthe betrayal I' d gotten quite famished
Until Deal came and told me "Guess what bitch? "rbu' re banished."
Best fresh prince remake Ever.
Views: 20426 Submitted: 05/10/2012