Words of wisdom. lol. admin you so silly.. 5. Seth Hogan . Jik Follow A, . Claiming that someone else' s marriage is against your religion is like being angry a okay

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5. Seth Hogan . Jik Follow A, .
Claiming that someone else' s marriage is against
your religion is like being angry at someone for
eating a donut because you' re on a diet.
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Submitted: 05/09/2012
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User avatar #5 - mynameisjimmy (05/10/2012) [-]
If anybody can come up with a non-religious view as to why gay marriage shouldn't be allowed, I'm all ears. And if said person who cannot come up with a single non-religious reason against it, and states that they believe in separation between religion and the state, I will facepalm all the way to the moon
User avatar #55 to #5 - odonnell (05/10/2012) [-]
If ******* suddenly decided its racist because its the Whitehouse would there be a change of heart and paint it black?

I don't give a **** to be honest. Im not planning on getting a gay marriage in this lifetime.
#60 to #5 - hoaz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#24 to #5 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
Uggh, fine. The secular state should only be vested in marriage in so far as it advances the purposes and role of the state. Now because people pay taxes, and because more people mean more taxes and greater economic productivity, the state wants to facilitate the production of children. This being said, the state should therefore support heterosexual marriage because it leads to offspring, while homosexual marriage does not. While there are other issues with this argument (such as not allowing the infertile, the elderly or those who don't want children to marry), this is a legitimate argument for why the state should only support heterosexual marriage on a purely secular grounds.

I hope that covers it for you.
User avatar #44 to #24 - Daeiros (05/10/2012) [-]
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" -declaration of independence

the government does not exist to further it's own purposes. it exists to serve it's people, all it's people, regardless of what they like to do in their bedrooms
User avatar #49 to #24 - airguitar (05/10/2012) [-]
Yea but it's not like gay people are going to (usually) have kids anyway. Allowing them to marry will have no effect on the population.
#25 to #5 - meglovin has deleted their comment [-]
#27 to #25 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
Are you serious? The financial strain caused by gay marriage is drop in the pool for those companies.
User avatar #35 to #25 - edgeonaboat (05/10/2012) [-]
Not to mention Pharmaceutics companies don't lose a dime, They don't give you free drugs because you have insurance, your insurance pays the pharm companies. and you are paying them monthly or is provided from your work, in most cases, which allows you to cover a spouse, said spouses sex should be irrelevant to the insurances bottom line.

and Social Security is paid out either way from what I understand, if not to spose, then next of kin. They aren't saving a dime there.
#48 to #5 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
Im sure I could come up with one but it would'nt be reasonable at all. +1 for you
User avatar #41 to #5 - mcroflskates (05/10/2012) [-]
Religion shouldn't matter. At least not in the US, where the government is SUPPOSED to keep church and state separate. Gay marriage shouldn't be illegal because the only reasons supporting it being illegal are religious. That's my biggest peeve and that's why I hate my government.
#28 to #5 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
i am not religious at all.
i am against gay marriage because it seems like such a horrible thing to do to such a nice group of people.
User avatar #34 to #28 - elbrysobrony (05/10/2012) [-]
Look at it this way: If they're happy, why are you complaining?
#8 to #5 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
It's sorta like the same way that people are quoting Leviticus for calling gay marriage an abomination but forget the it also banned a million and one other things. Such aaas Round haircuts, eating pigs (or touching their carcasses), Fortune telling, Tattoos, Polyester, or any other fabric blend, mixed breed animals, and other things that are 'mixed', eating shellfish, camel, rock badger, rabbit, eagle, vulture, buzzard, falcon, raven, crow, ostrich, owl, seagull, hawk, pelican, stork, heron, bat, winged insects that walk on four legs unless they have joints to jump with like grasshoppers, bear, mole, mouse, lizard, gecko, crocodile, chameleon and snail.

All just from Leviticus. So. I mean. Yeah. Can't really quote that ONE part if you're going to screw the rest of it. I thiiink it might be mentioned as bad elswhere, but it's that one quote that people use over and over.
User avatar #9 to #8 - mynameisjimmy (05/10/2012) [-]
Couldn't agree more friend. People seem to forget that gluttony is a sin just as much as being gay as well, because it doesn't suit their means. I saw a quote off of r/atheism and it was, "claiming that someone's else's marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you're on a diet."
#11 to #9 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
.. Isn't that the quote right above us? XD

Honestly, I don't care what peoples personal views are. Prochoice, christian, Athiest, prolife. I just think we shouldn't try to modulate how others live.

S'long as nobody is getting hurt, it's none of my business who you bang.
User avatar #12 to #11 - mynameisjimmy (05/10/2012) [-]
..Damn my attention. Ahaha i just hit reply to comment and didn't realize what this was posted on, good catch mate. And incredibly respectable view man, i hold the same one.
#13 to #12 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
Indeed. *Mustache twiddle*

It doesn't matter my religion, it doesn't matter yours. Lets just have peace and be friends. Discuss Skyrim and other such wonderful things, and enjoy the wonderful beauty of the world around us. .. Sans the crazy people getting their panties in a bunch over whatever-who-knows-what.
User avatar #16 to #13 - mynameisjimmy (05/10/2012) [-]
^^ I hope that we can live in a world where everybody has these views some day, even though it may not be a realistic hope :/. But I am getting off to go to bed, thanks for the conversation, its always nice to talk to people who hold the same views as I do.
#18 to #16 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
^^ Goodnight friend. I hope one day our paths can cross and we can start the philosophy of not being a dick to each other and hope it spreads throughout the world.
User avatar #42 to #8 - xiik (05/10/2012) [-]
There's also the fine point that God is meant to do the judging. We're just suppose to all try live in harmony ^^

BUT argument wise, you knock 'em all down.
#47 to #5 - manirock (05/10/2012) [-]
Because president Bush said it's wrong
#1 - millenia (05/09/2012) [-]
Well said
User avatar #36 - cronobeaver (05/10/2012) [-]
There is no right or wrong in the world...only what our current society tells us.

It's not okay to kill? Ancient civilizations committed sacrifices daily, military's teach soldiers from any time period how to kill, our forefathers killed tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of Native Americans just so we could steal their land.

Pedophilia is wrong? It was common for young girls to be married due to a shorter life span in the Middle Ages, it some places (Thailand, Russia, Eastern Europe) today are havens for pedophiles catering to their desires with fresh young girls. If its okay over there.....then who is wrong? Even some religious groups today are harboring pedophilia in the name of their religion.

Prostitution is our oldest profession and yet it is illegal in half the world. Why is it ok in some place but not ok in others? Is it really hurting someone? Some think it is.

Gay Marriage is wrong? I saw somewhere that it was rough 450 animal species that have homosexual encounters. Only 1 have homophobia. Gay Marriage was a common occurrences. Various types of same-sex unions have existed, ranging from informal, unsanctioned relationships to highly ritualized unions. Mostly before Christianity came in with a book of morals that basically contradicted most everything that was being done.

Should weed be illegal? Our forefathers again were the main farmers of hemp. It has so many uses that it was our top export. Due to an smear campaign against weed, it is still to this day barely fighting its way back up to its potential, it's potential of revitalizing our economy. Billions of dollar, wasted on a smear campaign over who could get the rights to making paper.

In the end, people should realize that its about right and wrong and where they are getting their rights and wrongs from. If you think this way then just maybe you will see why you think the way you do as it is always important to know who you are before you judge those around you.
#57 to #36 - captan **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #99 to #57 - cronobeaver (05/10/2012) [-]
We burned kids in Vietnam with napalm and in WW2 with the fire bombing of Tokyo. I mean **** we vaporized like tens of thousands of kids, but don't worry that was okay because it ended a war right? Some people obviously thought it was okay to burn Jewish kids as I doubt one man thought it up and everyone else was just following orders. Raping children happens daily worldwide as it has for as long as we have been around. Once again, other societies = other rights and wrongs.
#104 to #99 - captan **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#64 to #36 - TheRedDragon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#80 - ninjazaku (05/10/2012) [-]
This restores my faith in humanity on so many levels. I find it ridiculous that gay marriage has become such a big issue. I know quite a few gay people and they are happy and should allowed to be happy. The fact that religion is the big divider is quite frankly, more than a little appalling to me. What happened to separation of church and state?
#45 - teets (05/10/2012) [-]
Jesus had two fathers, so why are religious people getting so antsy?

#2 - twilightdusk (05/10/2012) [-]
inb4 religious people vs. atheists comment threads.
#40 - arvali (05/10/2012) [-]
This guy has a point
#91 - lovepain (05/10/2012) [-]
Comment Picture

#84 - tholomewsense (05/10/2012) [-]
MFW i'm going to see all the butthurt religious peoples comments
MFW i'm going to see all the butthurt religious peoples comments
#93 to #84 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
I'm Christian and truth be told, I don't really care if gay marriage is allowed or not.
User avatar #96 to #93 - bananaananas (05/10/2012) [-]
not all christians are extremists... but the world needs more christians like you.
User avatar #95 to #93 - tholomewsense (05/10/2012) [-]
that's the attitude :) as i said, butthurt. but it should be more christians like you.
#76 to #70 - DrollHumor (05/10/2012) [-]
Jan Valentine should not be spokesperson for the male race.
Jan Valentine should not be spokesperson for the male race.
#26 - actoftreason (05/10/2012) [-]
Great man.
Great man.
#58 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
Marriage is a religious thing... That is all I have to say.
User avatar #72 to #58 - RandomAnonGuy (05/10/2012) [-]
But that's wrong, you ******* retard, and let me explain why.
The concept of a life long partner wasn't started by religion, or even the human species.
There was and is marriage throughout all cultures, regardless of religion or lack thereof.
Neither Christianity, nor Islam, nor Shintoism, nor any other religion has a monopoly on marriage, and it never did.
#65 - slippythetoad (05/10/2012) [-]
It actually kind of backfires what he has just said. Lots of people laugh at fat people...and rarely laugh at people on a diet. So... (let the red thumbs shower upon me)
#74 to #65 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
That wasn't the point he was getting at, the analogy isn't a perfect fit but it gets the idea across.
#85 to #65 - johnwoodstock (05/10/2012) [-]
you know, i thumbed you up just because
you know, i thumbed you up just because
#29 - dimetrodondanya (05/10/2012) [-]
I'm gonna remember that one.
I'm gonna remember that one.
#17 - willywally (05/10/2012) [-]
Hell yeah Seth Rogen!
#54 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
I can understand religious institutions not wanting to marry them because it is against their religion but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to get married. Gay bros are still bros and they make the best wingmen. I was friends with a kid who was gay in highschool. The guy set me up with one of my exes who I wound up dating for a year with. If anything they're more helpful than hurtful to society in my opinion.
#53 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
I honestly don't give a **** about gay marriage or gay rights. If they want to get married then who am I to stop them, they can do whatever they feel like doing. Oh, and I'm a Christian, it's not that all or even most Christians are against gay marriage, it's just that the ones that are make the most noise or are politicians.
#31 - anon (05/10/2012) [-]
This isn't the real Seth Rogen. But still very true.
#77 - dubsaroo **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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