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but weed also damages your brain cells
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you are dumb

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Weed is damaging to the lungs because of the heat from the smoke but definitely doesn't kill brain cells.
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Okay Mr.Doctor

Weed does make you dumber
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oh my bad. i was trying to reply to the comment above you. you and i are in agreement.
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ARE YOU ******* RETARDED? fail in humanity - lost.
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You might find this useful.
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It.... Technically does... No worse then cigarettes, obviously. But it certainly isn't...healthy. But I don't judge or even think badly of those who choose to smoke it, and we have billions of cells to burn anyways.
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Weed does not damage your brain cells, or body in any negative way at all. The tests they did to prove weed damages brain cells were on monkeys with gas masks on, and they pumped the same amount of smoke as 5 joints into the monkeys in 15 minutes 3 times a day, but the monkeys got no oxygen while the smoke was being pumped into them, so some brain cells died. The weed did not kill the cells though.
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thtas actually a true story, those are the tests they did a few decades ago, which is why everyone is so anal about it now
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******* all smoke damages brain cells, ******* .
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ok for starters i am a fan of weed so im not saying WEED IS DEATH AND A TICKET TO HELL or anything like that. however...funny thing about lungs, but when you breathe things that are not air, it is not good for them. but surprisingly weed doesn't seem to cause any substantial damage to the brain, and that's actually from real studies not just me trying to justify it. the thing about weed is that the only reason it was made illegal is because this guy who was the head of some paper company realized that while he used wood for paper, his competitor was able to use hemp and it was wayyyyy cheaper than wood, so he ran a scare campaign and got it to be illegal. you probs shouldnt smoke weed, but there is worst **** out there
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Have fun ruining your body drugfag.
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its a proven fact one joint is like 20 cigs and yeah i smoke like 3-4 grams everyday i have my weed card and before i put anything in my body i know what it will do to me
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**** joints. Vaporizers are where its at. pic unrelated but awesome.
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i never said its joints just enough to make a joint is 20 cigs
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Sorry I should have clarified bro, **** smoking in general. Vaporizing is a lot healthier, all the benefits of smoking without the tar, you get higher, and best of all, you get to reuse the herb after you're done.
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yeah i know i own a vaporizer a steam roller a bubbler 3 pipes and one gas mask i just dont like ppl like him thinking they know everything cause they looked it up on google

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Right, that's a joint. Joint as in joint paper. Joint papers are horrible for you. Vapes/bongs are the way to go.
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no weed itself has cancer causing pathogens but its better than any prescription meds its my first choice and i don't even smoke joints i smoke out of bongs and glass pipes only but i still know the facts.
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If you look up what you said, you'll only find relations to government-conducted experiments or just government websites. Weed does have carcinogens, but smoking .6-1.0 gram of it does not equal 20 cigarettes. Roll it in a J? Yeah, it's a lot worse for you.
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iv'e been smoking weed rarely joints for about 7 years and i talk to shop owners my doctor who wouldn't be feeding me ******** considering she has been one of my closest friends for the past 5 years plus if you look it up the internet doesn't always tell the truth.
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Right, and I'm telling you that there is a lot of research showing that smoking a single gram of weed does not equal 20 cigarettes. lol. If that was true, there'd be a lot of cancer-related deaths for people who smoke weed.

Ever thought she might be misinformed?
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well the difference is people smoke less weed than cigarettes so the long term effects are not as bad cause weed isn't as addictive as cigarettes and really you get nothing from cigarettes with weed at least you get high.
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learn something new every day
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