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#10 - commontroll (05/07/2012) [-]
Beans you say?
#8 - shfiftyfive (05/07/2012) [-]
**shfiftyfive rolled a random image posted in comment #129 at The Coldest Gift... ** <-my rape face
User avatar #1 - rummler (05/06/2012) [-]
beans, beans, the magical fruit,
the more you eat, the more you poot,
the more you poot, the better you feal,
so lets have beans for every meal.
#2 to #1 - auryn (05/06/2012) [-]
#4 - pocketpotato (05/07/2012) [-]
tried to enlarge the picture by increasing the volume.....sigh
#18 - anon (05/07/2012) [-]
look alike?
User avatar #9 - obbichan (05/07/2012) [-]
5 words: You took this from Tumblr.

Red thumbs like I give a **** . Taking **** from Tumblr is worse that taking from 9fag and the like.
User avatar #17 to #9 - leyssens (05/07/2012) [-]
Did not take this from Tumblr.
Oh and So taking **** from Tumblr is worse than reposting from 9gag but still somehow you know this has been posted on Tumblr wich means you visit that site and still whine about it.

You = pathetic
#26 to #17 - anon (05/07/2012) [-]
"oh no, this person disagreed with me! I better block them because thats what a real man does."
Cool story, pussy. Tell it again.
User avatar #25 to #17 - obbichan (05/07/2012) [-]
I wasn't whining about Tumblr, I'm "whining" about how you take **** that already has had a bunch of ******* notes on another site. Looking at the picture, yeah maybe it wasn't from Tumblr via yourself, so sorry for my error. But it WAS taken from somewhere else.
Yes, I have a Tumblr like a lot of people do.
I'm tired of seeing something there and then a week later its on Funnyjunk, where everyone is always bitching about reposts. Its contributing to the cancer, as no one is willing to make OC to counteract it.

Also, deeming me pathetic from one comment is a pretty pathetic action in itself.

#21 - stonersteve (05/07/2012) [-]
MFW all i have to eat is beans...
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