Zero Toleration Policy for Douchebaggery. I realize that neither side is perfectly loving and tolerating, but something must be done about this kind of idiocy.  douchebaggery Zero tolerance star wars
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Zero Toleration Policy for Douchebaggery

Zero Toleration Policy for Douchebaggery. I realize that neither side is perfectly loving and tolerating, but something must be done about this kind of idiocy.

I realize that neither side is perfectly loving and tolerating, but something must be done about this kind of idiocy.
First time, please be gentle.

when you nooe, you get hurt.
when you get hurr, you hate.
when you hate, you try to forget.
when you try to forget, you start .
and when you start ..
you w/ l eventually fall nu love , ' strue.
My bro no so raght[:
rumba new new on we douchbag with a name that is so Couch, that
hours ago Moble --------, to protect his privacy? had to use his last name
recoveryone wows that hate leads tn and sumo leads to the Darksider tn
onions ago / Mme ‘me
Urey Reallyy Everyone? you know everybody n the worldd on hate leads to you two tn target
moons no no Malaria
aer_ Ethe, you would deny Star Wars to rebuke statement We seen n e whys,
and woes saying
moons no no Malaria
Urey Never seen star wars so therefore 1 dsen' t get the we or even know mu were new e
moons no no Malaria
Beli‘ your woo inst) x
2 hours no no noon
he ben
2 hours an
n implied that I was mung to Crop it
immune Nah 1 ledbetter mos to do he on and non fur ch and on
moons no no Malaria
Ben‘ Merr. sut yousef
chours no no noon
fr 2 hams no no noon
sonny hen but stamens sucks the graphs are female 'At this paintt realized
News on that n couldn' t win a an
brethe only Towles n ween n 1 have one rs probably gonna be Telles the hitory
channel or the in when
2 hours no ild were so while these two were
challang abdul random bullshit
whatnow wanna gamma o none
2 hours no
Flake: Depends on the none
moons no no Malaria
we a lockness level
o were then hell no
chours no no noon
2 ham s no
menu. - u guys r one 't was term my bro
News on -on hereto gel m on it
Thane yo no take you to see etwas soil n the theaters
Chairs no no noon
Ben‘ tonns serously makes laugh and on at the same one one shitsorm
2 hours no -A 2
ower. _ r thats no new effects and whattheh was was adovanced fur wen one
2 hours no -no 1
as star wars was n the ms
2 hours no -no 1
my you have no was takng about
moons no -no t
Margit: amazing twas revisionary fur ts one and new rs o greats
chours no -no 1
reeree Hey [Justifier seen the mm/ res and never ml They interessant 1 have
better things to my than Just mono st on m ass and ween o were
Chairs no no noon
here! Mr pattenson justjared to spell o french word tes one, asshat
were and ms called Us more we watch
mm/ res dosnt neon you have to be o much new
2 hours no -no 1
the hell up n hate game no% anons
2 hours no
Iye_ about yum to
Chairs no -no 1
wwe_ the Fact thatyou sad 'graph's' T_ T
2 hours no -no 1
name ins, whatever you say
1 Asshats Reallyy your sown;
2 rs me noun watch those you guys are much staines who r one
feel We wen
3 renew French noon. and ts
2 hours no no noon
Chairs no -no 1
2 hours no -no 1
um potato 2 much
WHATEVER I AM NOT spur: Wm My warms sunny p
2 hours no
d no o see on your on cant seen o eon head new
up my ass [gave ta good
2 hours no -no 2
Mariner dont st on m ass. that you guys are much potatoes dumbass
2 hours no no Melanie
n one n med and head all the my up there A
no -or
more Makes hows my head up my ass nu o none sews you on inks)
expire that tn me
chours no no Moore
Ben‘ whaen
chours no a 1
no you new who maven
2 hours no Vlt were
my my guys Aunts point my mend and n decided
Chairs no to simultaneously them
you ours stop who we on This us
Chairs no /la Moble replying
woe‘: a mast too
Make: Wat) [brawl
you Dude, we keep Mann the south [knew nos were fucked up butt ddn' thatll nos ye
youtsuba were THAT fucked up
now stop fudging nesson wth or nuns no you and beat the hell
chours no no Moore " twat: and
chours no no noon
attacked muse we never seen star wens who mono ares? i have better shito
Chairs no no noon
We didn' t "attack" you because you hadn' t watched Star Wars.
We attacked you because you are a violent, idiotic, racist, homophobic,
argumentative, pretentious waste of space who just called one ofthe
greatest cultural icons of our time "fake bullshit"
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User avatar #1 - denonymous
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(05/06/2012) [-]
you fought well, young padawan
User avatar #2 to #1 - supadupadood [OP]
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(05/06/2012) [-]
Thank you for the encouragement, I was worried about a red-thumb *********.
User avatar #3 to #2 - thatbitchyouhate
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(05/06/2012) [-]
kick his ass, and whitney...housten