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User avatar #162 - CaptainJohnPrice
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(05/06/2012) [-]
>Be Ukranian living under Stalin's Soviet regime.
>Regime bans all religious practice
>Continue in our beliefs.
>Stalin cuts off food supplies to the country when we try to fight for things such a freedom of religion and speech
>Me and THREE MILLION others starve to death.
What I'm trying to say here is that there are two ends to every stick.

You bloody hypocrite. How is attacking religious people any different than those attacking homosexuals?
User avatar #166 to #162 - warrenzthehero
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(05/06/2012) [-]
Two ends of every stick, sure but what if one end is significantly larger than the other?
User avatar #173 to #166 - CaptainJohnPrice
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(05/06/2012) [-]
Are you trying to say Atheism is the larger end? Because the one event I chose caused more suffering than all the events in this post put together.

I'm not trying to say Atheism causes more death in the world.

I'm pointing out how hypocritical all of mankind, religious or non, can be.
(OP included.)
#240 to #173 - newall
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(05/06/2012) [-]
well several key, religious holocausts have been skipped in this, the holocaust itself was done in christ's name, of-course the church wouldn't agree with that but that's what hitler intended, the crusades, killed more people than hitler did, and those were literally all the pope's idea, supposedly, you don't get any closer to god than the pope.
User avatar #174 to #173 - warrenzthehero
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(05/06/2012) [-]
I'm actually saying religion is the larger end, but my religion doesn't let me produce any numbers, seeing as I'm too lazy.
My religion, you know, ****************.
#178 to #174 - hallohallo **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #219 to #178 - CaptainJohnPrice
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(05/06/2012) [-]
As would these Christians and Muslims if they were Atheists...
User avatar #177 to #174 - CaptainJohnPrice
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(05/06/2012) [-]
did you even bother to read past my first line mate?

Also, lawl at the fags thumbing people down in comments yet having no intelligence response to field.
User avatar #180 to #177 - warrenzthehero
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(05/06/2012) [-]
I did indeed read past the first line, but to fully support the cause I championed, I would need to gather numbers. And I don't care enough to do that.

But I thumbed your original post. You don't deserve negative votes for it, and I could argue intelligently, but you know, my religion again.