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I want to Violate that underage horse. I want to feel her marshmallowy insides around my raging erection as I fill her up with my cock. I want to hear her scream in pain as the delicate skin around her anus tears and blood starts seeping out onto my erection. I fantasize about shoving my cock through her eye socket and cumming in her brain, the image of her walking around with a bleeding anus and cum dripping out of her empty eye socket is an amazing turn-on. You don't know how many times I've dreamed about watching her cry and scream as she was raped repeatedly and *********** until cum mixed with grey matter dripped out of her empty eye sockets, and cum mixed with blood seeped from her ripped open anus. Sometimes, I even imagine cutting open her stomach and ******* her organs until I fill her chest cavity with semen and sew her back up so she walks around for the rest of her life with my semen moving around inside her.
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This isn't related to dentistry.

This isn't related to dentistry at all.
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I've been here far too long. I just finished my bowl of cereal while reading this and I'm not disgusted. Feelsbadman. On a side note, get some help.
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