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#95 - anonymous (05/05/2012) [-]
Hello there, I am Ezekiel from the Church of God and Jesus and I must say that I do not approve of this content. That young woman is a prostitute and will be condemned for her heinous actions against the Good Lord.
User avatar #138 to #95 - philliyoMLB (05/05/2012) [-]
Successful troll, all you dumbasses are taking your time to reply, thumb down, and get butthurt about it.
User avatar #134 to #95 - gobnick (05/05/2012) [-]
hmmmm, i think you need to get a touch-up on your vocabulary....the proper term is a porn star, while similar to a whore, they are famous, and only get diseases from other porn stars....your run-of-the-mill whore has them from people no one would know....the difference is fame, little troll.
User avatar #132 to #95 - captaindubs ONLINE (05/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #116 to #95 - disturbedfan (05/05/2012) [-]
You there. Yes, you. Stop making my religion look bad. Thanks
User avatar #135 to #116 - gobnick (05/05/2012) [-]
thumbed because of profile pic
#111 to #95 - slumberdonkey (05/05/2012) [-]
Don't feed the trolls... they good so, so fat...   
< irrelevant
Don't feed the trolls... they good so, so fat...
< irrelevant
#106 to #95 - mothafuckingbatman (05/05/2012) [-]
i know you are a troll..but Superman says it better than me
#105 to #95 - tallperson (05/05/2012) [-]
You get 1/10 for the attempt. Troll harder.
#98 to #95 - kittymg (05/05/2012) [-]
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