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I work at a nursing home,althought i work as a dietary aid.I was at the end of my day shift and was about to go home. But i thought after i clocked out i'd check if they needed any thing.So i went upstairs and saw a resident that was on her way back to her room.I had not talked much to the resident's so this seemed like a good time to get to know her. It turns out that her and her husband got married in the 20s and he then fought in ww2 and korea. It turns out that they where married for 65 years he then died. She said she had no idea what to do without him there to care for her and that i was one of the first people to really talk to her about her life.And i'm writting this as i just got off my night shift after saying goodbye to her for the last time.She passed away right after i said goodbye
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you gave me a hard feel

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sorry about that.I thought that some people might want to hear that,i cryed as i left the You need to login to view this link was rather embarrassing me being 6'3 and bawling like a baby.She treated me like a grandson