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Thousands of years of persecutions, ethnic cleansing, torture, inquisition, crusades, conquest and slaughter of natives. Intolerance and ignorance preached for centuries. I think you religious people can deal with some satire on the internet. If you feel so violated because of a post, on the INTERNET, kill yourselves. Preachers are still calling for gays to be beaten, and the Pope STILL is trying to get priests who raped children from having to face ANY charges. The WORST you have to deal with is the occasional post presenting alternate beliefs. I have zero sympathy for your butthurt.
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Implying that all religious people are Christians and that we all believe in what the pope says.
A lot of Christians are very well okay with the fact that people have different opinions and beliefs than us, but it's one thing to say that you're an atheist and shut up about it and to say your'e an atheist and insult someone else's beliefs, and sure people in the past have done dumb and stupid things, but just because that you may have the same beliefs as a person who's done bad actions in the past does not make the whole thing bad. i.e. If I'm a clown and lets say Hitler was a clown, that does not make clowns bad in general.
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A king using a religion in order to achieve a goal isn't the same as the Church ordering attacks. All religions have their "bad guys", but after thousands of years what organization doesn't? As far as the Pope goes, he is saving his ass. I don't approve of it, just like I don't approve of the lying that goes on in Congress, the White House, and all over the world.
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Im Christian and I agree with you so hard
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No one is crying about poking fun of religion. All I see is people trying to defend their religion and a bunch of people calling them crybabies. Also everything you said about the priests and stuff is wrong. But of course you will get thumbs because it is an anti-religious post and that **** gets eaten up.

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no the stuff on the priests is not wrong there is plenty of info of it online in government sites-_-
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Everything he has said is true. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it any less real.
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Dude. I don't give two ***** whether or not this schmuck shares my beliefs. I just hate how ******* smug s/he's being, like faith or lack thereof makes him/her special. **** him/her for being an immature bastard.
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I will sacrifice every green thumb I ever get to you for this.
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