Rustled.... In case you're out of the loop, here are the three previous posts: /funny_pictures/3591883/My+little+message/ /funny_pictures/3597697/A+little+payba Rustled In case you're out of the loop here are three previous posts: /funny_pictures/3591883/My+little+message/ /funny_pictures/3597697/A+little+payba
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again. 'it'd I went into the
laundry room to check on the
detergent. And I must say... I
think I have '/ tll,
someones (
Let' s take a look, shall we?
Yep... I would say that they are full
on rustled. Oh, and if you' re
wondering what' s on the cap...
ire, a condom. A USED condom.
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