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Indians were savages, they raided each others tribes and killed each other. They were not going to advance, I mean a toddler could have seen that. So we went in there and took it over. Don't bitch because if they did not come boot the Indians out you would not be here on your ******* computer or in your home.
'MERICA **** YEAH!!!!!!!

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Before civilization a man would fish and hunt all day while the women farmed the land and prepared the food. Computers are pretty entertaining but that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Also in those societies there was no concept of ownership so no one starved, people would not hesitate to share so there were no beggars. Tribes were in it together thick or thin, something people today could take a lesson from. Our modern society assures a more stable existence for people as a whole but on occasion neglects the individual's need for this overall stability.
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Indians are savage and kill each other. Solution? Kill them!
No seriously, that is stupid. They lived by the land and didn't damage it. They respected nature and still got what they wanted from it - they didn't need to advance. Also, with the ''they raided each others tribes and killed each other" that happened in Europe, Asia and Africa many of times, except then on an even grander scale in the form of wars.
In saying that they would have been overtaken at some point in history and if it wasn't the British it probably could have been a lot worse.
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****		 you
**** you
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