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User avatar #54 - cleggerzzz (05/01/2012) [-]
i thought this wasn't out in america in till the fourth of may
#55 to #54 - anon (05/01/2012) [-]
Yeah but in other countries e.g. England it was released 25th of April
User avatar #56 to #55 - cleggerzzz (05/01/2012) [-]
I know I have already seen it.
But I thought that this site was mostly Americans.
User avatar #60 to #56 - navystone (05/01/2012) [-]
Was it good like how many out of 10 would u give it
User avatar #82 to #60 - cleggerzzz (05/01/2012) [-]
i really liked it,better then iron man 2(haven't seen the first iron man)
#72 to #60 - anon (05/01/2012) [-]
It is about as good as Ironman 1, I would say. A lot of explosions and fights, as an action movie it is brilliant. Not a terribly good story, but no action movie has a good story.

#59 to #56 - shumdek ONLINE (05/01/2012) [-]
So, becuase most of the site is American, it disables people from other countries to post content? genius..
User avatar #63 to #59 - cleggerzzz (05/01/2012) [-]
well im just surprised that its got this many thumbs and that no confused Americans have posted any comments
User avatar #77 to #63 - shumdek ONLINE (05/01/2012) [-]
Well, either they just don't really think about it, seen the trailer and saw that this particular part is in there or they simply didn't really give a damn about it.
User avatar #58 to #56 - Jackimole (05/01/2012) [-]
The "Big man in a suit of armor" line is in the trailers.
#57 to #56 - anon (05/01/2012) [-]
Granted but that doesn't mean that there aren't people from other countries e.g. you and me.
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