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User avatar #23 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
i dont think it is a case of race i think zimmerman simply acted irationaly and to quickly
#27 to #23 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Defending yourself from an attacker is acting irrationally? Wow.
User avatar #29 to #27 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
he was told not to follow him treyvon is a young skinny kid zimmerman is a tall strong man. treyvon was also un armed. even if it was opposite zimmerman was told not to follow
#34 to #29 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Martin is over 6 feet tall and plays football. Zimmerman is the old skinny one. Zimmerman was not told not to follow and even then all signs point to him stopping when the dispatcher told him "we don't need you to do that." Which by the way is not an order.
User avatar #39 to #34 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
the 911 operator told him to stop pursuing as police were on the way. Zimmerman ignored this and a confrontation occurred. whether this happened because Zimmerman started it or because treyvon thought he was being followed is irrelevant. he was told not to follow and did. this incident was caused by this making Zimmerman at fault
#40 to #39 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Zimmerman said Ok. All signs point to Martin doubling back and then martin asked Zimmerman if he had a problem. Zimmerman said no and then Martin said well you do now.
User avatar #41 to #40 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
and who said that. zimmerman. why to defend himself. also treyvon sent a message to his girlfriend saying he thought he was being followed this might have caused the confrontation. if zimmerman stayed away and went home not following no problem
#42 to #41 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Zimmerman following Martin isn't a crime. So you believe the dead kid. Nice. I'm going to believe the man who was there where his story has been corroborated by witnesses. No sign in all Zimerman's story of his whole life shows that he would chase him down and attack him. He just wanted him to be checked out when thug man turned back and attacked.
User avatar #262 to #42 - stewieyes (04/30/2012) [-]
"So you believe the dead kid. Nice. I'm going to believe the man who was there.." Lol internet.
User avatar #45 to #42 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
it is not a crime to follow anyone however when told not to by an official because it could cause an incident like the one being discussed that is a crime. negligence. so your believing the man who can say anything with the fact that the only other person able to deny his claims is dead? nice
#46 to #45 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
He wasn't told by an official. When will people learn. What a dispatcher says is not an order. Even then there is no clear evidence that Zimmerman didn't listen to the advice. I'm believing the man who's story hasn't had any holes poked in it yet.
User avatar #47 to #46 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
ive poked holes in your story. told not to follow. followed. the area he phoned at was not wear the confrontation occured it occured on the path treyvon was going. treyvon was unarmed. zimmerman has a gun. he knew that he had the upper hand and with that knowledge did not avoid the confrontation
#48 to #47 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Zimmerman was walking back to his car when Martin came back and confronted him. If Martin wanted to he could have just ran back to his dads house. But he didn't and he decided he wanted to fight. Well he picked the wrong guy.
User avatar #50 to #48 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
let me guess thats what zimmerman said right. hes defending himself because he knows he was wrong. he shot an un armed kid
#68 to #50 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Yea and unarmed kid that was bashing his head into the ground. If someone is bashing my head into the ground you best believe I'm putting a few extra holes in him.
User avatar #70 to #68 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
dude treyvon weighed like 140 pounds. zimmerman was 200 some itd be pretty hard to get him down on the ground
#74 to #70 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Trayvon is in the height of his health and is a football player. Zimmerman is older. Yea see what happened? Like I said if someone did that to me they'd look like swiss cheese.
User avatar #76 to #74 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
sums up america for me right there. people who in order to feel safe must carry a gun. a kid gets angry that they're being followed tries to defend himself against a larger man capable of fighting and causing serious damage and he ends up getting shot. how is this good

#80 to #76 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
An armed society is a safe society. He didn't need to defend himself against Zimmerman. Zimmerman didn't pose a threat.
#184 to #80 - Yesitsme has deleted their comment [-]
#221 to #184 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Right. That's why as soon as Bush allowed concealed carry in Texas crime rates went down and when guns were banned in Illinois crimes went up.
#207 to #184 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Somalia also has no ******* government. Yea real good comparison. If you really want to compare places compare Chicago to Texas. Texas is safe and Chicago is not. Guess which one is liberally ran and has strict gun laws. HMMM
#212 to #207 - Yesitsme has deleted their comment [-]
#185 to #184 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Oh god it's you again. You've already proven to be an idiot. Please see yourself out.
#199 to #185 - Yesitsme has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #143 to #80 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
No, an armed society is one that can wipe itself out in a heartbeat. Wait... ok, let the guns stay.
#244 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Yep. There's a difference. Go figure. An uneducated lib just throwing "das waysiss" around no matter what the argument is. Pathetic.
#237 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
I hate ******* . That does not make me a racist. http://www dot intellectualconservative dot com/2012/03/19/war-on-women-a-fallacy-that-has-deeper-roots-than-what-many-on-th e-left-want-to-admit/ Keep letting the MSM tell you how to think bro.
#242 to #237 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
"I hate ******* . That does not make me a racist."
#217 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
I'm just gonna wrap this up real quick. Nothing Zimmerman did was a crime at all. Multiple lawyers have said what Zimmerman has done was not a crime. Following someone isn't a crime. This is liberals being tolerant. http://www dotpostlibertarian dot com/2012/03/218-reasons-not-to-vote-for-obama/ Oh and prop 8 was introduced by a Republican. Also, you probably think there is a war on women. How cute. This will poke a hole right in your gun crimes idiocy. http:// hawaiiccw dot com/gun-myths/concealed-carry-myths/people-permits-commit-crimes/ Oh and I'm not racist at all. How does it feel to be so wrong?
User avatar #222 to #217 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
I don't feel that wrong. After all, Prop 8 was the one trying to ban gay marriage. Also, you did nothing to disprove the war on women, while I have seen tons of proof for it. Finally, you are so obviously racist. You have made racist comments, ergo, you are racist.
#190 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
What again makes "people like me" stupid again? I'm excited to see your assumptions that will be wrong.
User avatar #205 to #190 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
First off, stalking is a crime. That's the name of following someone without legal permission without them being okay with it. Second off, you said liberals are the least tolerant people. Seriously? Funny, I remember that it was liberals responsible for the black rights movement, women's rights movement and gay right's movement. But nope, that's not tolerant at all, is it? After all, it represses white men, right? Another thing: guns don't bring crime rates down. Sure, some crimes are committed with illegally acquired guns, but most aren't. Most guns are gotten legally. Plus, you're a racist cunt.
#176 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Go figure. Liberals are the least tolerant people out there.
User avatar #182 to #176 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
If I weren't tired, hungry, kinda ill and likely injured in several places, I'd have laughed at the sheer stupidity at that comment. However, I am tired, hungry, kinda ill and likely injured in several places, so I just groaned. I tolerate anyone who can show that they aren't ******* stupid. One of my best friends is a Jehovah's Witness. One of her best friends is a lesbian. One of my other friends is a half-black atheist. His girlfriend is a Mormon. I'm fine with them all. Why? Because they aren't stupid. They're awesome, and quite opened-minded. The only people I don't tolerate are dumbasses.
#169 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
So sound like a ******* retarded sexually frustrated 15 year old.

"Everyone else is stupid and I'm so smart!"
User avatar #175 to #169 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
Oh, I'm not claiming to be a genius or anything. I'm just that guy who, when I see something, I call it as it is, rather than just going with the flow. If I see stupidity, I call it stupidity, not normalcy. If I see injustice, I call it injustice, not "Gawd's work" or whatever ******** line you want to use. When I see a nation ruled by the stupid because the stupid are seen as the glorious, I call the nation of sheep out on it.
#166 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Wow can you be any more liberal?
User avatar #174 to #166 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
Yes, yes I can. And I am.
#160 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Do you realize how dumb everything you just said is? Just wanted to make sure.
User avatar #165 to #160 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
Why is it that all the people who deserve to die never do, yet people like MLK and Gandhi get assassinated? Seriously, what the **** is wrong with the world when people like you are allowed to live for damn near a century, yet the greatest people always die young?
#146 to #143 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Oh god. More idiots like you huh? Guns bring crime rates down.
User avatar #149 to #146 - HGOnethreeone (04/30/2012) [-]
Really? I'd say otherwise. Japan doesn't have tons of guns, yet their crime rate is low. Perhaps America's problem is simply that it's full of stupid, ignorant ********* . Yeah, I'd guess that the problem lies within the sheer stupidity of the people, not the guns themselves. However, arming the retarded isn't exactly safe. Seriously, the problem is that being a dumbass is "cool" in America. The fact is, we glorify stupidity. People run for office on the grounds that they're a "normal working man". Guess what? The average person is a dumbass who I would never want running things. But because we glorify stupidity, that's what we get. I don't want the average person running things. I want someone with an abnormally high intelligence with a doctorate in every field even remotely related to running things to be in charge. I want the kind of people who run circles around everyone else to run things. America has glorified stupidity, made it cool to do stupid **** and some of the largest American industries and types of entertainment exist solely because of the sheer stupidity of people. If we placed more value on intelligence than "coolness" and "badassery" and "manlyness" we'd be fantastic. We'd be on top of the world. However, instead, we glorify drinking **** that tastes like piss in an overly loud room while watching over-paid dumbasses play sports. That is what's wrong with America: the fact we look at that as normal rather than seeing those people as scourges upon humanity. So, you're right, guns aren't a problem, it's the fact that the average American is too stupid for safety scissors that's the problem.
#87 to #80 - speightsix **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#88 to #87 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
His gun wasn't pulled. Not a threat.
#100 to #88 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
It's going to be great when Zimmerman walks. How man are you idiots going to be?
#90 to #88 - speightsix **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #86 to #80 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
an armed society is a society where people live in fear of the person behind them in line at a grocery store may have a gun that has the ability to kill them with a single trigger pull. also whats the gun going to do if you get mugged? mugger comes up to you knife at your throat. are you really going to have time to unholster and turn the safety off before he slits you. no. a gun society is a world where incidents like this will occur with larger frequency as the population becomes increasingly paranoid
#123 to #86 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Teenagers that are bashing their heads into the ground. Do you know how much damage you can do to a brain by smashing a head into the ground? You can be killed. Zimmerman will walk because he is innocent.
#116 to #86 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
No. Guns saved Zimmermans life from an attacker. Exactly my point.
User avatar #121 to #116 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
so people need guns to save themselves from teenagers whoa re unarmed? even though zimmerman was older hes middle aged and easily able to fight off treyvon. in reply to your comment about zimmerman walking so what if he does. many guily people walk. doesnt mean he didnt do it. o.j walked free
#109 to #86 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Right. Statistics aren't good enough for you people. By all means if you want to walk up to the crips and the bloods and tell them they need to turn their guns in knock yourself out. Gun control doesn't get rid of the guns from the gangs. Guns are used to save lives year after year. Plus I like shooting them. Just went to the range today. Nothing better then popping off a couple rounds.
User avatar #115 to #109 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
guns didnt save treyvons life. it was completely avoidable but because of guns he is dead
#94 to #86 - grudgemusic (04/30/2012) [-]
Oh wow. You're one of those people. I guess statistics don't work for people like you. The ignorance is almost blinding with you. Tell me why cities with strict gun control are the most dangerous. I would love to see you walk up to a gang member and try and take his gun from him. The only thing gun control does is keep the law abiding citizen from defending himself.

http://simplyaboutguns dot com/why-own-firearm/

http://gunowners dot org/fs0404.htm
#200 to #94 - Yesitsme has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #105 to #94 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
idk i live in a country with decently strict gun laws and you know what theres not a lot of gun violence. plus the links you provided are clearly biased. i did look at them however even there name implies a pro gun attitude especially the second one.

#52 to #50 - creepycreeper (04/30/2012) [-]
< what you guys look like right now
< what you guys look like right now
User avatar #54 to #52 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
how we fight hood style lol. i hope you dont mind that i saved this in my reaction folder haha
#61 to #54 - Fgner (04/30/2012) [-]
No. How ******* dare you save that picture!
#67 to #61 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
Comment Picture

#71 to #67 - Fgner (04/30/2012) [-]
Nah, not serious at all xD
Nah, not serious at all xD
User avatar #78 to #71 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
i figured
#82 to #78 - Fgner (04/30/2012) [-]
I love you.
#103 to #82 - tehee (04/30/2012) [-]
this is the dance of love for my people
this is the dance of love for my people
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