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#388 - Cainamogel
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(04/30/2012) [-]
#399 to #388 - doodthedud
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Actually, the media's new favorite thing is racism. It's why everyone feels the need to be politically correct, and why many people are terrified of being accused of racism and having their reputations worried by saying things like "I like chocolate".

The Media LOVES to show the poor sob story of the oppressed minorities to gain some nice-selling articles and reports.
I just find it funny that your "fixed" is the product of you being brainwashed by the media.

People are people. People kill people, people rape people, people manipulate people. There's little reason to bring race into it. A man's motives are never going to be known for sure by anyone other than himself. Hell, in all likelihood, he could be deluding himself and not know his own motives. We need to show that murder, rape, manipulation, discrimination, etc are NOT to be tolerated and be SURE that people know this. Not just flip the racism around and wait for the "majority" to slip up a figure of speech or something and then jump on them for it.

If you want equality, you want equality. That means that people are people, and people deserve the same rights as people. It does NOT mean that black people can freely call each other "*******" while white people can call someone a "******" and be prosecuted for a hate crime.

If you want certain words banned, ban them for everyone. That's equality.
If you don't want words banned, ban them for no-one. That's equality.

Trying to focus on and judge intent is one of the most foolish things people can do. Humans are not rational creatures. There's always some of us that are nuts in one way or another. We're unpredictable. What we need to do is show what is and isn't allowed. Laws are for judging behavior, not thoughts.

TL;DR: prejudice against whites is as bad as prejudice against anyone else. We're all people. Now get your liberal ******** out of here. Let people be people. Don't sort them into "races" and people can see the "human race" not the "black" race,etc
User avatar #480 to #399 - morpheusone
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(05/05/2012) [-]
"I just find it funny that your "fixed" is the product of you being brainwashed by the media."

Have you been "brainwashed", a rather HUGE misnomer unto itself, by Glenn Beck & Faux News?!

"There's little reason to bring race into it."

Actually, there is a VERY large reason to bring race into many thing's... Race often play's a role, and it doesn't matter how much of a crybaby you want to be about it, blaming it on the mainstream media or anyone, or anything, else! You are, effectively, saying that "2+2=5 bc I say so!" and you are doing that whether or not you understand it or agree with it and you are also doing that whether you actually figured that 'excuse' out for yourself or you had your mind raped with that excuse by Glenn Beck, Faux News, or all those times that grandpa stuck his penis in your ear...
#420 to #399 - Cainamogel
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(04/30/2012) [-]
Whoa dude! I was merely pointing out how the media distorts things, just like the original post did. But if you want my opinion, here we go!

*The media's new favorite thing is racism...
-I noticed that you are 21 from your profile and being 8-years your senior, let me tell you that racism is not new to the media. Do you remember Rodney King? Probably not, you were 1-2 years old at the time. Did you know that he was under the influence while driving and that he was already under probation for a robbery he commited? Of course you wouldn't know that, the media would not tell you that for fear that they would be coined as "White Supremacists." His drunk driving and high speed chase could have killed an innocent human, someone that would have had no connection to him at all! Although I agree that the beating was well over the top and the cops did deserve jail time, I had to research for myself the things that the media did not tell you. The comic is poking fun at how the media turns things around and it actually is really sad.

*I find it funny that your "fixed" is the product of you being brainwashed by the media.
-Do you think that is how it is represented? I, for one, keep their brainwashing at bay, the "fixed" comic is meant to show what THEY do to stories, not me. You are correct by saying that they LOVE to show the sob stories...pulling at the general public's heart-strings is the easiest way to gain support. Take the Treyvon case in Florida. Let's reverse some things...if the rent-a-cop was a black man and the kid was white, would there be this much outrage? Would there be this much protesting and support from the minoritiy community? Obviously, I don't know the answer to that question, but true equality means that it would not matter what color his skin is.

*your liberal ********.
-Your entire argument is void when you use inappropriate words for your validation. You seem like a smart person, so keep these at a minimum. Also, I am conservative.
#425 to #420 - doodthedud
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(04/30/2012) [-]
Fair enough. I really shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. But seeing the picture showing the "reality" of the white man chasing the black man with the knife versus the "media footage" of the reverse in the picture genuinely had me believe that you were trying to make a statement about how the media specifically tries to victimize the white majority and portray minorities as criminals, when it is often the opposite. I guess it was not meant to be so specific, but the prevailing attitudes in the U.S. made it feel all the more likely.

Appreciate the wisdom. And there's a difference between "liberal" and "liberal ********", but I was still getting a false positive, so that's irrelevant.
User avatar #438 to #425 - Cainamogel
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(04/30/2012) [-]
No hard feelings dude. True story - I can't find the picture online, but a while back a picture surfaced of Obama holding a Qu'ran book. I immediately forwarded the email that I received noting that our recently elected president was a devout Muslim. However, one very close colleague of mine responded (quite angrily, I might add) that the picture was a fake and that the Qu'ran was photoshopped over a book he actually DID have in his hand. At the time, this colleague was a fan of Obama (not so much anymore, but that is another story) and he very abruptly told me that I need to research stuff before I send it on. Since that date, I honestly try to perform my due-diligence in locating the truth and one truth has been constant - you cannot believe anything that media tells you, you need to do your own research before making judgements.

From that date on, I have gotten MANY emails regarding pictures of Obama, things he has "said", etc. that I have researched to find false. Don't get me wrong, I am not an Obama fan either (my tax return took a hit this year and if he gets re-elected, my company will probably drop my health care plan, but that is another story also) but I like to be educated as much as possible. The media will try to turn people on their side, possibly for many reasons. Take Nancy Grace, for example. She is great at sirring the pot and that makes people watch her. More fans means more sponsors, more sponsors means more $. It all comes down to the great and powerful dollar. (::sigh::) And it is really sad.
User avatar #430 to #425 - greenthegunstar
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(04/30/2012) [-]
I suppose you weren't completely in the wrong--After all, this is FunnyJunk. People here jump at any opportunity to use the n-word at the sight of a picture with a black man in it.
#415 to #399 - finbaa
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(04/30/2012) [-]
#402 to #399 - doodthedud
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(04/30/2012) [-]
inb4 shower of red thumbs by those brainwashed by the liberal media.