........... . B Status Home g, Pine B] we Event . What' s on your mind? Where am W What is this blaze? Steve Rogers . about a any ago , we Comment ma: my you ha  B Status Home g Pine B] we Event What' s on your mind? Where am W What is this blaze? Steve Rogers about a any ago Comment ma: my you ha
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B Status Home g, Pine B] we Event .
What' s on your mind?
Where am W What is this blaze?
Steve Rogers .
about a any ago ,
we Comment
ma: my you had an accident canadi. This is the new Fatback
about n may ago we
Steve Inger: Timeline? But everything
amour a any ago we
Nick Fury This is the future, better on used to it
about a day ago we
Steve Rogers The future sucks, can I on back to the on version?
about a day age we
Nick Fury one you get
e. you can never an back.
sieve Rogers wk
about a any ago we
win: .1 em my
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we - Comment
Nick my Alright, everyone‘; here
ago we
Tony Mark Thanks for the sidekick: Nick, IT keen the my
Russian my and the . you can send Uncle Sam
and the muscular blonde chick home
about a any we we
m belichick...
who Stark wow, I wasnt expecting you to have such a deep
About n day ago we
Thor I am thou Son or Odin, God mrthunder. I (nymand
hurricane winds with my breath and with my roan
amour a any we we
wry Stark you also hare a rally impressive beard for a woman
about a day ago we
Black Widow is in a Relationship with
Hawkeye and it' s Complicated
May is tot? a
we - Comment
Huntley: why IS our compleated?!
Hull wldnt Because every: errie I have sex with a guy, I kill him
afterwards. than why they call me Mack Widow
9 priorities Ban we
Hawkeye me: so have sex?)
E mammies ago we
link Widow Dian‘: you new the '
8 minutesago we
yourather" may
sorry, did you say something? I was one busy
stretching for ail the sex I' m about to have
5 minutes no . we
America was the spin! Hawk! Do It for America!
5 minutes no . we
Thor Lucky bastard. in do horrible, wig: in a
chance In swing my hammer at that
ago- we
Iron Min we her the Jericho!
5 we
the Hulk nun: SMASH on was
momentfast we A ppeople
who would will in a fighta
Nick Fury asked 3 Question .
may :4
Iron Man
Hawkeye our as and as mamas)
Hulk _
anion Comment share
iron Man I' m the people' s you, thank you an
like have n Io: of money
about a any ago we
Thor new please, I' m a cod
maul n day ago we
Iron Man Whatever Goldilocks. you lion: like a honey without
tour hammer
about n day no we
Thar And yawn nothing withou: your suit
about a day we we
our Amery( | Stop It guys. there' s no Forrest, generically
enhanced super soldier over here
about a any ago we
mice Banner you must be talking about ME. the ultimate
genetically enhanced hero
noon: n day we we
apron: Armin. we I' m genetically enhanced an the time. no:
Just when I' m
about a day we we
iron Man Enhanced Enterprise' s serum so
you' re my property... now go make me a sandwich, daddy' s
about a day ago we
Hawkeye come on guys. I' m better than an ell
about a day ago we
Iron Man Shasta, the are talking». and no you' re not
about a day ago we
Captain Amelie: I titteh' t even know why we' re sun arguing, I won
an mute war by myself
about a day we Like
iron Man But you cant My Imus: mp around and moo: users
WEN! at you
aim: n day ago we
mice Danae! The Hulk can imp exceptionaly high. it' s ‘Ike’
mod: n day ago we
Thar sun a God. is shoot bolts and blast you room our
or the sky
afwul n any we we
link Widow SHUT um M seduce all of you with my boobs. then
we you dawn when you' re unbuttoning your penis
armor a day ago we
Iron Man Iron Man doesn' t wear buttons, I win again
about a day ago Like
Nertie n Car' ' C
iron Man
snow 9
Such perfectly miffed, feminine hair
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Thor I' m not a am!
about n day no we
Iron Man Fight we one
about it day ago Like
via a co 'egl' t
Enslaving planet Earth - with Thane: and Loki.
Red Skull
2 hours ago so
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Hoohooh Kil) ' planets like a boss?
3 minutes ago we
um yeah. about that... my about we take our a different
planet, you know. one without a of super heroes on ii
minutes iago _ Like
Thalia: Lo . ' (Wing to impress Death. She said we could
hang out in kill enough planets
3 minutes ago we
Loki What about Plum. we coma kill Pluto tomorrow
3 we
Thorns wk moo! not even a real Planet
3 minutes ago we
Red skim come on um, stay current on classification
l manures ago . we
Loki I' m Just saying, I' m not too thrilled about grappling min the
green steroid idiomis: and Captain
2 minutes ago we
led skull Dude, we have the cosmic cube and an infinity
gauntlet. In not we this may to be hard
3 minutes ago we
nick Fury I have had i: with you motherbucking willams on my
playful Get 'em CAP' n!
about n minute no _ we
Thalia: TVV Captain who?
about a minute ago we
Curtain America Americal
about a minute ago we
Thor Pack yearn
soon: a minute ago we
Thanks for the emotional powerking Hulk
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you like this
minute ago Like
Iron Man we talked about ms buddy, your ringers are eon mg to
abouta minor: ago Like
Hulk kori; rry mince: -b 8‘ -
about a minute ago we
iron Min Hive help you out, in sure he' s not doing
anything Important right now
about a minute ago we
rle d KEVIN mil
Bullseye nu
Hawkeye shared a rink
2 seconds oases:
nus: Had sex (fear. Minn)
500 much latex
iron Man, Captain America, and Thor we this
Black widow You know this means I have In kill you how...
becomes no we
Hawkeye Doesn' t matter, had sex
seconds ago we :5 5
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