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#16 - lollidrop (04/28/2012) [-]
mfw magnesium turned me blind
mfw magnesium turned me blind
User avatar #67 to #16 - drunkasaurus (04/28/2012) [-]
what movie?
User avatar #71 to #67 - MyNameIsntCrookers (04/28/2012) [-]
21 jump street
User avatar #57 to #16 - ecstaticpants (04/28/2012) [-]
Good movie, LOLd hard.
User avatar #22 to #16 - ariusbrightwing (04/28/2012) [-]
That was so funny.
User avatar #96 to #63 - ariusbrightwing (04/29/2012) [-]
So, saying 'lol' is frowned upon here? Okay, guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and piss on everyone that says it in the comment section by replying with that image, thanks.

−99% of the FJ community.

Stop ******* jumping on the bandwagon idiots. I've seen this **** before. Everyone seemed innocent back then and said what they wanted. I remember everyone use to say "lol" etc, etc. These days, if you say 'lol', you get replied with that picture just because everyone else does it.

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