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If you have a dog,post his or her with their name and share the love

My dog Pal,10 years old
#186 to #77 - notafunnyguy (04/28/2012) [-]
me and my bestfriend.

his name's Sarge. purebred german shepherd.

he's about 7 years old. Dad surprised me with him, came home one day to see this guy laying downstairs, timid as all hell. he wouldnt make eye contact. but he would bat a ball back with his big, awkward fuzzy paws.

Sarge was the alpha of the pack, the biggest dog in the litter. he went from timid and awkward to strong and mighty. he's a trained police canine unit, he works along side my dad in the force.

once, when i was about 13-14 ( im 18 now) some local bullies came to my yard while i was out playing pokemon on the deck. and they started pushing and shovin me around. sarge somehow must have heard, because he broke down the door of his cage and came charging out. he sent both of them to the hospital.

later turned out the two kids had knives, and sarge saved my life. thanks to a couple cameras my dad had around the house, the whole video was shown to a court when they tried to sue ME for their wounds. their case was dismissed, and the judge ruled sarge's acts were justified, and thank god they didnt put him down over it.

anyway, this is getting kind of long. but it made me tear up a bit . so, cheers to all you guys and your bestfriends. i know i sure as hell love mine.
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Koda, 8 month old Newfoundland. He can be a little **** at times, but I love him.
#182 to #180 - baconutella (04/28/2012) [-]
Phoenix, ginger 2 year old English Mastiff. She is retarded, and weighs about 50 stone so she sometimes breaks your back without realising. In this picture she is on the laptop
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My boy Sokrates, looking forward to many great years with him. He is a boxer, just turned 10 weeks
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The Golden Retriever in the left is my boy Flash. He found us when I was in 7th grade. One day he just showed up on my porch and decided not to leave. I recently found out my mom even tried to find his real owner and even tried to scare him away because our family couldn't really take care of a big dog because we were about to move. But after a week or so of him just sitting on our porch, he became mine. I love this dog like a family member.

Oh yea, the cowdog on the right is Tuco...he's a little **** sometimes


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I don't have a picture of my dog anymore, it's my biggest regret.

HIs name was Bo, we got him when he was a 2 year old golden retriever and I was just a kid then. His owner had to move to a Chicago apartment and couldn't keep him, so he wanted to give him to a good family. He was great, it was me and my two siblings and my parents at the time.

Just a few years ago, my parents got divorced, and it was hard on everyone, especially Bo. He missed my daddy, and ever since he moved out, Bo's health slowly deteriorated. It was terrible to watch, but we had to put him down. I had only seen my dad cry two times, and one of them was the day Bo left us. Too many feels, such an amazing dog.
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Aston, 3 years old boxer. (No i'm not trolling, this is really my dog)
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This is my dog Toby, he is 14 years old and he is my best friend, ill always love and appreciate him for all the times he has cheered me up :)

he likes socks.
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Holly, my two year old golden retriever. She can be retarded sometimes, but I love her...only pic I have of her, when we were playing in the snow at 2 AM.
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I don't have a picture of my dogs, but I have their names, looks, and age.

These are the dogs that have passed on in my lifetime:
Jackie: Black and white Border Collie, 16 years old.
Jessica: Black with a single patch of white fur on her chest, 18 years old. We even did physical therapy in our hot tub to teach her to walk again after a spinal cord injury.
Happy: Black and white, blind and deaf Cocker Spaniel, 17 years old.

And lastly there's the one we have now, Cinder: grey and white miniature poodle, he is 15 years old right now.
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Russell, 2 year old chocolate lab. He is literally my best friend.

and inb4 "why is he in a bee costume?"

He happens to love his bee costume :)
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