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if you actually watched the show you'd realize they were dead the entire time so Hugos inexplicable inability to lose weight suddenly makes sense.
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They weren't dead the entire time. Some of them died on the island and some of them died naturally off of the island. They regrouped after death in heaven because they're time together was the most important period of their lives.
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naw ***** . they were dead the whole time. any "deaths" suffered on "the island"(purgatory) resulted in a spiritual death which either resulted with them being stuck on "the island"(purgatory) if not fully passing over. A perfect example of this would when Michael murders hugos girlfriend and the mexican chick then comes back later in the series appearing as his deceased self then explaining that if you kill somebody on the island in death you become stuck on the island for all eternity, which I could imagine in which they suffer in their own personal version of hell in an alternate "reality" such as when everybody is seemingly returned back home to an alternate "reality" to experience their own personal versions of heaven or an afterlife as they could imagine their ideal lives.
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But during the season finale, Jack's dad tells Jack that "some people died on the island before you and some long after you." Plus you see some of the survivors make it off of the island in the end.
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jack was referring to those that weren't on the island, such as penny. he says that only after being asked how everybody got there and how long they were waiting and was pointing towards the fact that on the island as in after death time holds no relevence. and nobody ever actually made it off the island at any point. even when the submarine travelled back and forth it was merely travelling back and forth between one alternate reality and another, not in to the actual real world.
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During the last episode you see Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Richard, Miles, and Frank get on a plane and make it off the island.
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you never see them make it off the island. you just see the plane flying overhead as jack dies. after that nothing. the rest you assumed happened. however every indication and every single clue points towards them being dead the whole time.
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That's just the other reality in season six.
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the alternate reality was their own personal versions of their own afterlives created through their subconcious base desires regrets and guilts. In the original reality near the nbeginning of season six or towards the end of 5, been a while since i ve watched it, authorities find the aircraft at the bottom of the ocean with all their bodies inside. The island itself can then be easily defined as a type of purgatory where the dead come to grips with accepting the fact that they are dead. Jacob, the keeper of the island who resided there for nearly two thousand years and was given the task of protecting the island and the gate to hell found in the wellfrom those that would unleash hell upon the Earth. after jacobs departure jack takes over the role for a short period of time but after he prevents the gates from being opened he hands the responsibilities over to hugo who then watches over the island for the next several thousand years with ben as his second in command. In the final episode it shows them all meeting in the afterlife and finally passing on over to the other side. and eat a dick if anybody complains about spoilers, the series has been over and done with for years now.
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He's kinda off base with that interpretation. In other words his opinions wrong.
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