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#227 - ravenseclipse (04/27/2012) [-]
I would threaten him. **** if I get beat down, doesn't matter. Stand up for your woman. Be a man, not a pussy!
Mfw I try to fight him
User avatar #238 to #227 - ivoryhammer (04/27/2012) [-]
Acting tough is part of the fight, remember Vegeta from DBZ? He was a little guy, but his attitude towards people made him intimidating.
#321 to #238 - anon (04/27/2012) [-]
Thing is Vegeta wasn't acting tough. He was a mother ******* prince of Saiyans, he was a super Saiyan with a strenght of over 9000 THOUSAND(max lvl possible), he was able to turn planets to a pile of rubble etc.
#231 to #227 - jimothyjenkins (04/27/2012) [-]
threaten him? watch out we got a badass over here.jpg

us dudes know that if that happend its fair game to throw the first punchthe more you know.jpg
User avatar #282 to #231 - fuckyouiambatman (04/27/2012) [-]
I would say it's fair if he slapped her ass and was looking at you when you punched him but not if he was walking away... He would get a WTF and a shove but then if it progressed I'd stick him. Like the guy just up said... stick up for your woman even if your get your ass beat.
#287 to #282 - jimothyjenkins (04/27/2012) [-]
definitely stick up for her. but honsestly i wouldnt give a **** if he was walking away.. thats his fault if he is that stupid to turn away after he asked for a fight.

and im all for being a man in a fight btw. i stop punching people when the hit the deck.. so it isn't a question of being a gentleman or not in my eyes
#234 to #231 - solidone (04/27/2012) [-]
I'd probably threaten him, and then punch him unless he gives a real nice apology.

It's classier then suckerpunching him in the neck.
#242 to #234 - jimothyjenkins (04/27/2012) [-]
its not a sucker punch when they know it should be coming.
thats also true when someone steps up in your personal face, nose to nose.. thats fair game to throw it too.

but different strokes for different folks i guess...
i live in LA and trust me, i know when its fair to throw it.
User avatar #249 to #242 - solidone (04/27/2012) [-]
I'm aware. I'd threaten him SO he walks into my personal space, and the law is on my side. Cops hate ******* , but if I just up and punched him in the trachea then there's no way that would slide.
#252 to #249 - jimothyjenkins (04/27/2012) [-]
fair enough i suppose
#233 to #231 - ravenseclipse (04/27/2012) [-]
Tru dat. I'd probably throw the first punch out of rage. But right now, just thinking about it, I'm only angry enough to cuss his ass out in public.
#235 to #233 - jimothyjenkins (04/27/2012) [-]
fair enough
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