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User avatar #432 - disastress (04/27/2012) [-]
First rule of FunnyJunk.
#440 to #432 - anon (04/27/2012) [-]
******* cancer, I HOPE YOU DIE!
#439 to #432 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
No that's /b/ sorry. Don't steal their rules.
User avatar #456 to #439 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
It's actually Fight Club.
#461 to #456 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
Thanks for telling me, I'm retarded and didn't know that. Thank god smart people like you on the internet can inform people like me. What ever would I have done without you?
User avatar #468 to #461 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
Excuse me for correcting your obviously wrong statement.
Have you ever considered that the guy was quoting fight club instead of /b/?
#472 to #468 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
Clearly its from Fight Club, just the fact that it's clearly something /b/ says and FunnyJunk can never be original in anything, steal content from all the other sites and act like you guys are better than 9fag or something. It's the internet, there are faggots all over in every site but the worst is when you can't at least be original with your **** yet claim to be.
inb4 I go on FunnyJunk, I go here for the reason mentioned, it's basically the entire internet summed into one site, easy to browse.
User avatar #481 to #472 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
Ah I see, you're one of those "I hate this site but I stay because dicks" people.
Like I said, he could've quoted the movie. Much like all the "one does not simply herp into derp" and whatever.
Don't get worked up over a simple quote.
> "it's clearly something /b/ says"
And so does the rest of the internet and many Fight Club fans.
#489 to #481 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
Also I like how you're making a point thumbing down my replies, it really hurts.
User avatar #492 to #489 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
I didn't though. If you noticed, someone thumbed our entire conversation.
#485 to #481 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
Defend FunnyJunk all you want, but facts are facts.
User avatar #490 to #485 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
Too bad you gave me no actual facts.
FJ is good enough. Now go browse your precious /b/. I'm sure discussing porn and 4 year old copypastas is very interesting.
#496 to #490 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
"just the** fact** that it's clearly something /b/ says and FunnyJunk can never be original in anything." Oh. I didn't state a fact, FJ is fine, did I not say I browse it for lolz? It's teh fact FJ believes they're special or something, they just do what other people do and try to steal the glory. They have no originality and hardly any OC comes from FunnyJunk.
User avatar #498 to #496 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
Big deal. It's a site for sharing funny pictures.
I don't see imgur making any OC.
#500 to #498 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
I don't see imgur acting like they're a huge part of the internet like FunnyJunk does.
User avatar #503 to #500 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
Because we are big in the world of rage comics and **** like that.
9gag, reddit, memebase etc. also don't produce THAT funny OC.
It's basically the same everywhere, but our and 9gag's communities are just a bit full of kids.
#505 to #503 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
Reusing the same joke in a different comic doesn't count as OC. Reddit, 9fag and memebase at least provide SOME OC. FunnyJunk literally takes all their ideas and reuses them over and over, this site is full of dead horses being beaten every minute of every hour of every day.
User avatar #510 to #505 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
The same could be said if you spend as much time on other sites.
FJ makes some nice OC from day to day but it's just not as often as before.
#515 to #510 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
No it doesn't, it used to be fine but now it's the trashbin of the internet. If you wanna relive old jokes and things that have already been said, you come here. FunnyJunk is not some huge part of the internet, I'm not on my computer so I have no reaction folder, but the picture of 4chan ******** into FunnyJunk's mouth only to have FunnyJunk **** back into the rest of the internet is a total joke. FunnyJunk is slightly above Facebook, hell even Tumblr is more creative than you guys in their own faggy way.
User avatar #516 to #515 - spior (04/27/2012) [-]
Okay I can see this conversation is going nowhere and it's getting too hard to type with one hand (I'm eating crisps) so whatever floats your boat.
#480 to #472 - jamiemsm ONLINE (04/27/2012) [-]
you do know that right now a big % of /b/ is also funnyjunkies right? -_-'
#488 to #480 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
This isn't relevant at all. 4chan is 4chan and FunnyJunk is FunnyJunk. Do you go to Google to update your Facebook status?
#506 to #488 - jamiemsm ONLINE (04/27/2012) [-]
it kinda is relevant. saying funnyjunkies is fags and saying /b/ is not in this way is like saying "All american is idiots and people in new york is not"?? nice logic.
#512 to #506 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
If you scroll up, I said there are faggots on every site. So your argument already seems pretty retarded. Go on /b/ and read some of the tard stories, or threads that are actually funny. They will end up on FunnyJunk in a day or two. FunnyJunk is in my opinion the trash of the internet. Everything ends up here in the end and it's picked through for old jokes that still make you chuckle. FunnyJunk acts above so many other sites when really you guys don't even have a place anywhere. Face the facts.

Also, your English is pretty bad, should learn about verb tense.
#518 to #512 - jamiemsm ONLINE (04/27/2012) [-]
it really shows character to talk down to people who have English as a second language my man. :)

i will agree that funnyjunk is the fusion of all the other sites. but i would rather call it the museum for lols before calling it the trash can
#522 to #518 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
I didn't talk down to you, if I was talking down to you it wouldn't have been added as a note on the bottom. If anything I was trying to be nice but I guess you just can't tell the difference when you're arguing. But anyway, it's the same thing no matter how you label it.
#528 to #522 - jamiemsm ONLINE (04/27/2012) [-]
sorry then for the talking down. as you said your self its hard in an argument, (and it dosn't help that its writing so you cant see expression and hear the tone) to understand when people is giving a tip or talking down.

but anyways just for defending my case the reason i call it a museum is because of all the repost and i actually like it because when i first saw funnyjunk i could get all the old jokes too and even get the inside jokes. :)
#466 to #461 - anon (04/27/2012) [-]
Getting corrected a lot

Your welcome Captain Sarcasm

#475 to #466 - qbone (04/27/2012) [-]
Holy hell the irony.
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