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or you can build your own for 1000 bucks.
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But nobody in the right mind buys a mac with 16gb of RAM, twin 27" displays, or 8 TB of storage. Everyone but fanboys have learned to admit that the Windows and Mac OS each have their benefits, and those specs would not assist anyone who is using a mac for the right reasons. The Mac OS takes less short-term memory to run, and the entire computer is centered around browsing the internet and amateur art. Nobody buys a mac to play video games. Meanwhile, a mac with 4gb of ram, a 100gb solid state drive, and 1 27 inch display would probably outperform your dream-PC on basic tasks like surfing the web, steaming videos, etc.

TL;DR: Shut up, fanboys suck in both directions.
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"Better at surfing the web and amateur art."

"Would probably out perform your dream PC on basic tasks" First off, a mac is a pc.
The only true benefit to Mac OS whatever is the stability (from being unable to alter anything in it, and thus can't break or be hacked into, and thus cannot be changed to improve the pc either) and its RAM utilization.

If you think RAM utilization is a better trade for overclocking, you're a fanboy in the mac direction.

Bottom line, you're paying for looks and names on a computer that can't measurably do anything better of its own accord. If you get the same rig for windows and mac os, mac os operates better on the lower scale (laptops, small pcs) and windows operates better on the higher scale (multi gpu, watercooling, overclocking)

Honestly my computer has 8g of RAM and it's never gone over 4, so windows can apparently utilize RAM well enough, but I can see how wanting an OS to use RAM more effectively would make sense on a computer with 2g of ram. Using chrome, the only hindrance my computer has, is I operate on a SSD, so when accessing the hard drives, they're technically "asleep" and have a spin up time of a few seconds.

Have not overclocked GPUs, FSB freq, RAM freq, or anything except for the CPU, and still no problems. 24" display using a wacom cintiq 24HD for photoshop and toonboom, as well as casual gaming. Only problem is both GPUs are 3 years old and they crash streaming videos once in a while (probably a driver issue, but replacing cards with GTX 690 anyway, due for an upgrade)

The closest I can imagine to a smooth running high end Mac OS PC is a hackintosh, and those come with truckloads of problems that more than make them a terrible decision.

I'm not a fanboy, Mac legions make me hate them, but I simply don't like the computer for its basic specs. Costs more for something I don't need (not getting low end PC, which is where they are strong, and prices spike as they try and get higher end specs for towers.)
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I could try to compare a Dell Ultrabook 13" to a 1250$ macbook pro 13"... you'd realize you have nearly the same specs for only a difference of 50$. Stop posting outdated info please ;)
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Nah, im to busy using the one ive had for 5 years with no viruses. Meanwhile my PC's **** out on me three times in that span, with expensive anti virus software installed.
But hey ones for games and ones for music and movie downloads without it bursting into flames.
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