Child abuse in school. Enlarge and read. Please sign his father's petition: Child abuse in school Enlarge and read Please sign his father's petition: www change org/petitions/to-the-new-jersey-legislature-and-congress-pass-legislation
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Child abuse in school. Enlarge and read

Child abuse in school. Enlarge and read. Please sign his father's petition:

Please sign his father's petition:

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simply asked his teacher if he weild be able to see his father after visiting his mother. Coldly and cruelly, she responded
with a "no". For other reason than to upset ARISE, she was lying and sending him into a panic. He asked again, and
this time she and the aide laughed and mocked him, making him cry and get upset. His father Stuart immediately
contacted the school and the teachers, but the entire incident is being tenet dawn and quieted by the school heard.
l These two wemen are being protected for bullying and verbally abusing the very children they were supposed to teach
and protect. Stuart new has a Youtube video (http:// / watcch? ) that includes some of
this audie and a plea for the incident to be taken more seriously. I hape that everyine whe has taken the time to read
this cerld also watch it and do what they can to net anly help Akian, but all children in special edication. No child
r" sheild be treated this way, let alene by a teacher. This is net a post to pull at heartstrings for thumbs en funnyjunk er
any sort of credit. I intend en deleting this accaunt later to preese it. I hope anly to get this eut to as many people as
possible. Some of yen I' m sure have brothers or sisters or loved enes whe have special needs. Weild yen want them
treated this way"? Stuart isn' t going to file a lawsuit for maney or sue the teachers, but he is pursuing a public apology
from these wemen and wants tor them to show their faces, reveal their full names, admit to the abuse and resign from
their postie's. Duly ene of these wemen have been fired, while the other continues teaching in anither classroom.
There is excuse for this behavior and mistreatment of a child. This sort of incident calls for a radical reassessment of
how special needs teachers are educated and monitered, and hew school systems handle this sort of prablem.
I encourage for this picture, the video and the story to be repasted. Again, this accaunt will be deleted within a day
or two. Share this story for the sake of Amen, your ewn laved enes with special needs and all children in these
This is 10 year eld man, and he has autism. Some of yen may have
already heard of him en the news, but some of yen might net have. He
attends the Cherry Hill wheel district in New Jersey, where he is
supposed to receive extra help from his teachers in his special
edication classroom.
This is Akitas father, Stuart . His sen was always a quiet,
happy bey at heme. Se when he suddenly started getting
net's and calls from the wheel abaut Akian misbehaving, being violent
and hitting his teacher, he was checked and decided investigate.
On February 17, he placed a wire en simian so he cerld record what
happened ever the wheel day. The results were disgusting. Six and a hal '
hears of the teacher and the aide talking abaut inappropriate subjects
such as sex, and being hungover in class while yelling at the special needs
students and humiliating them. Akin was told several times to shut up
and shut his month, and ene of the wemen in the recording even called
him a bastard. His parents are divorced at the moment, and he gees to
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