ADMIN SEX SCANDAL. no I'm not accusing admin of stealing money, I'm just wondering why he is saying that he isn't making enough (unless the information I found  i told You Not to look The Game
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ADMIN SEX SCANDAL. no I'm not accusing admin of stealing money, I'm just wondering why he is saying that he isn't making enough (unless the information I found

no I'm not accusing admin of stealing money, I'm just wondering why he is saying that he isn't making enough (unless the information I found is incorrect)<br />
sorry, for the attention-grabbing title<br />
screenshots are from: You need to login to view this link

hahaha you fell for that'?'?'?'?'? sorry to disappoint you, but this is about
As all funnyjunkers, I am very concerned about the future of this
site. Going on funnyjunk. com is something I look forward to every
day when I get home.
We have all recently received news that the Admin will not be
able to pay the bills for hosting due to a decrease in traffic.
Considering myself an informed citizen, I decided to do a little bit
of research to find some stats. I came accross the following:
Traffic Statistics
Alexa Rank 3, 121 Alexa Traffic Rank: 2, 121. Compete Traffic Rank: use
Compete Rank 3, 585 funnyjunk corn compile Flank iii
Store 6 IE
Length 13 chars
Me 5 years
Traffic Rank: 4, 142
Northers/ aitches No
s Store 2 some People
pagename 5 Npp' 08 we us Jan‘!!! he 10
Indexed Pager. 432, 555 [ A
coma: Listing No .'leg., efe'.
Getit Tit's Nu Based on these statistics we estimate the traffic volume on . crohn to be around
Penistits score 10 9, 932, 741 pageviews per month.
Assuming most of the views come from the US, it doesn' t seem that
the number of visits has significantly decreased....
And almost 10 million pageviews per month seems like a pretty big
But what do I know? Pageviews could mean nothing, funnyjunk and
the admin could still be losing money.
To find out, I decided to see how much funnyjunk is making. This is
what I found:
nthere: ; corn
wwy. n' myvideo.
wwy. godgod. cori' i
com has received It review solar. Add My MI/ aw
wwy_ . m_ mm Value Estimation
We estimate that wwy. funny] unk. com IS worth ' 748 912. 73
corn l fl
i, advertising revenues. Ct 62, 409 a month)
Ssry. _, . funnyjunk. tn do insaine are taken who
wwy. useless unk. com
f, This IS an Estimate only
on archive. org
Do you want to show what your website is worth? Insert one of our widgets:
A Cede:
Now I dont know a lot about web hosting costs, but I have a hunch
that it isn' t nearly a month. In fact, I suspect it is closer to the
at the end. Unless that value is off by an incredibly enormous
margin, or it costs more to host a website than to buy a brand
******* new BMW every single month, then I suspect admin is
a) wanting more money
b) tired of the work involved with funnyjunk
c) trolling
Advertise funnyjunk because it is FUNNY and because you ENJOY
IT, not because you are scared it will go away next month
That being said, I don' t have any more excuse for you to thumb this up to the front
page, so you must thumb it up from your own free will! l l
Also, don' t look at the tags
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Submitted: 04/15/2010
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User avatar #28 - RhymeDonkey (04/16/2010) [-]
hmm i looked this up on another website calculator and it came up as
120,000$ total worth.
[url deleted]
hope the url doesnt get deleted.
User avatar #29 to #28 - RhymeDonkey (04/16/2010) [-]
-_- **** .
User avatar #52 to #29 - Bosnia (04/16/2010) [-]
[url obliterated]
#3 - anon (04/15/2010) [-]
zomgagle waffles
#59 - BlackPanthaz (04/16/2010) [-]
Note that I did not claim to know the accuracy of the information on the site used. I provided the link that I got the information from (its not photoshopped), you be the judge.

Also I understand that this isn't funny... I didn't expect to get any thumbs seeing as the funnier stuff I post never does.
User avatar #6 - Hagenite (04/15/2010) [-]
I kind of hope this is true.
User avatar #7 - MrKoivisto (04/15/2010) [-]
Maybe it's a late April fools joke?
User avatar #55 - Connnnnnrad (04/16/2010) [-]
the site is making 62,000 dollars in advertising revenue... not losing it
User avatar #8 - FJSoldier (04/15/2010) [-]
Complete idiot, its an estimation, not a fact
User avatar #41 - Stalin (04/16/2010) [-]
Great, another picture telling us how low our ratings are.

Really ******* original.
User avatar #48 - instalation (04/16/2010) [-]
that happy face looks like an upside down penis
User avatar #50 to #48 - Marker ONLINE (04/16/2010) [-]
its not upside down: the girl is on the bottom
User avatar #62 - cjklefty (04/21/2010) [-]
I never was scared that the site wouldnt be here anymore because i couldnt give 2 ***** if it was gone to be perfectly honest and i know that sounds mean but realistically anyone here would be like oh well and just go to one of the other thousands of websites dedicated to funny stuff
User avatar #57 - Foxdoodzor (04/16/2010) [-]
well i guess he'd make alot if he sold it but someone dropping that much worth of a website is just stupid so if he's going to do anything it wouldent be just to get rid of it he would probably just sell it... witch is better than it being gone forever
#56 - StanleyRiver (04/16/2010) [-]
User avatar #54 - aerodactyle (04/16/2010) [-]
i checked on a number of sites, and value ranges from $300,000 without ads to $970,000 with ads
User avatar #47 - Marker ONLINE (04/16/2010) [-]
it also seems that traffic has been generally good since march '09, so if FJ really IS dying, it's been since last year....
I knew something was up........
User avatar #32 - GuyWithNoName (04/16/2010) [-]
i dont know what to think anymore
User avatar #27 - GregTV (04/16/2010) [-]
User avatar #22 - jxs (04/16/2010) [-]
Tags made me laugh hahaha
User avatar #14 - thatsnotmyname (04/16/2010) [-]
******* go on gioogle trends 2 see how many people are searching for funny junk and ull be sasd
#19 to #14 - jiinglish (04/16/2010) [-]
Maybe because the people who create the views and revenue dont need to search google for it! and can just type it into their browser or even SHOCK HORROR save it as a bookmark!
User avatar #24 to #14 - Turvey (04/16/2010) [-]
here ******* make sure your searching websites on google trends [url deleted] &sa=N
User avatar #25 to #24 - Turvey (04/16/2010) [-]
wtf i cant post urls anymore....
User avatar #12 - Zealot (04/16/2010) [-]
User avatar #11 - KingpinAnonymous (04/16/2010) [-]
How reliable are the sources of this information? I mean, for all we know you could have fabricated those graphs and scales yourself. Whatever you motive would be, I have no clue.
#17 to #11 - anon (04/16/2010) [-]
Go to google and try to find ANY website that'll tell you the worth of funnyjunk.
And compare, the price above seems just about right. ( **** , one site even said funnyjunk was making over a million dollars a month....which is bull....)
#60 to #11 - BlackPanthaz (04/16/2010) [-]
I have provided the information (screenshot) source in the description. I can't vouch for the reliability of the source (as stated in picture)
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