Omegle Game. stumbled upon this during internet adventures. Ital omegle Talk to strangers, You' re chatting with a random stranger on omegle! You: Welcome to om
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Omegle Game

stumbled upon this during internet adventures

Ital omegle Talk to strangers,
You' re chatting with a random stranger on omegle!
You: Welcome to omegle guessin
to premium omegle gameshow
Stranger: hey
You: First question
Yowane maximum term for a US president is
You: Fill in the blank
Stranger: 8 years
You: Che out of 5
You: Pick a topic
You: Math
You: world History
You: American History
You: Cr internet history
Stranger: world history
You: Roman For 400
You: Russian for 300
You: Swedish for 200
You: or wild for 1
Stranger: roman
You: You must answerphone correct roman questions
to get a point
Stranger: lcl ck
You: First, When was Julius on
the senate steps
Stranger: ides of march
Stranger: march 15
Stranger: "I?
You: Correct
You: Next question
You: When was the battle of Neale
You: And who did Caesar tight
Stranger: damn
You: Answer one of the two
Stranger: i know it had to do with gaul
You: Good
Stranger: idk when
You: Ill give you that one
You: Third and final roman history question
Stranger: ck
You: who was the first easter roman emperor
Stranger: constatine!
Stranger: a history major ;]
You: Good
You: For a bonus, who was one of the three western
emperors at the time
Stranger: ill pass
You: Thats fine,
Stranger: who was it?
You: Maximilian, born in gaul and later
moving to modern day creepie
You: Pick
Stranger: **** i knew that
Stranger: american history
Stranger: gonna fail here
You: Name the longest serving president
Stranger: fdr
Stranger: franklin delano roosevelt
You: Good
You: Next, What two wars did Ilnesses S. Grant serve
Stranger: civil war?
Stranger: and uhm
Stranger: damn
You: Do you want a hint.
Stranger: yea
You: To area he nearly broke his back riding in was
Popocatepetl mountain
Stranger: that sounds souther
Stranger: maxim?
Stranger: mexican war?
You: For extra credit, what was his rank
Stranger: general
You: Corporal
Stranger: ****
You: Finally, one last topic
You: Which one
Stranger: wild
You: Who is the founder of the hit internet site, clocking
over 3 million views a day, khan?
Stranger: no clue
You: What do they think of IDP?
You: As in UP is a huge
Stranger: idk c. c
You: Need a hint
Stranger: yes
You: The blank word is also a pejorative for
homosexuals, and can also rafferty a bundle of stick's
Stranger: faggot
You: UP is a huge faggot!
You: Your prize is a password to gfrevenge, reality
kings or
You: Pick wisley
Stranger: mmec
Stranger: idk if your serious
You: lam 100 percent
Stranger: reality kings!
You: , usename:
You: Password:
Stranger: idk i dont believe this
You: Try it out
Stranger: holly **** c. c
Stranger: whoa paying forthis account?
You: I am
You: Enjoy college
You: Let this be a stress reliever
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: this is a mind ****
You: Did you enjoy the game?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: i enjoyed the reward
Stranger: mmec
You: Until next time on omegle guessin
the premium omegle gameshow
Stranger: mmec
Stranger: see ya around
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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User avatar #1 - mynamemax (04/24/2012) [-]
actually the real maximum is 10 years. you can only be elected president twice with a total of 2 4 year terms.

however you can become president through succession also. the maximum for that is 2 years

#3 - anonymous (04/25/2012) [-]
does it work is my question

User avatar #2 - SurelyAnonymous (04/24/2012) [-]
That username and password stopped working a while ago.
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