3 Worst Words to Describe the Holocaust. I would have to agree with both 3 and 1.. iall' a' d, allt Worst Possible Words to Describe the Holocaust 2. Inconseque
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#7 - anon (04/24/2012) [-]
That was terrible! Why would you say something like that? I don't care if it's a joke, I didn't find that funny at all, only horrible. The Holocaust was a very bad event in history, and there really shouldn't be thinks like this about it.
User avatar #8 to #7 - ABitBackwards (04/24/2012) [-]
+15. Clearly not a fantastic score, but more people disagree with you than agree. That might be your opinion, but it isn't an accepted one.
I for one believe that all subjects are available for comedy as long as there is no malicious intent behind it, and i can assure you i don't want to kill all the jews.
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