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Doesn't make it any less of a repost.
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I came here to laugh, as everyone does. This post is funny. It might be old, but it's still funny, and what about the new people on the site? The ones who have never seen it? I guess according to your logic they aren't ever allowed to see it. He gave credit so it's all good.
User avatar #62 to #60 - asainati (04/23/2012) [-]
Right, logical.. Thumb whore an old FP post and make it to FP again. He gave creds, cool. That doesn't mean anything. You don't get it, the whole point is he reposted it, that's all xmartyx was saying. Doesn't mean he didn't read the description.
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If thumbs mean that much to you, you might have some issues. Thumbs are like pretend money that has less value than monopoly money. He was trying to make people laugh. Who gives a flying **** if he got thumbs for it. That means he made those people happier today. If you want to hate him for that go for it but it all seems silly to me that people are bitching about him reposting.
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I'm just saying if you can't be that funny without reposting, it's sad. Go make some OC instead of reposting. That's all. I never said I hated him or anything like that, way to twist words, I'm just saying xmartyx was pointing out it's a repost not anything else. Repost just get annoying after you've seen it a few times is all. Chill out.
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You never said that... at all. You yelled at him for reposting and that was it with no other reasoning. w/e I'm over this.
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I did not. I just said it didn't make it any less of a repost. And "yelling" online you need to have capslock. I was only stating facts that he was being a thumb whore. You assumed everything.
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