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Oops. I forgot. Freddie Mercury is the only band we know here.
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i notice you mention bands ive never heard of. now i know that means literally nothing im sure there good bands but understand not everyone likes the same music as you. most of the world in general is retarded they just want to listen to something that sounds good lyrical value is irrelivant to most. i listen to songs based on how they sound but as i listen to them more i actually evaluate the lyrics. i cant listen to rise against anymore because of how radicly liberal they are. i didnt like disturbed but indistructable gained some favor with me because it was at least semi patriotic. besidew why do you care what other people like in the first place
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That's precisely my point. My personal opinion aside, they're considered good, talented bands by most people that listen to them. I'm simply curious as to why talented musicians are constantly plowed under by the latest hollywood pop star. Where did all the musicians go? Why is it that all it takes to be a famous singer nowadays is a pretty face and a good stage presence?
It's not music or artistic expression, it's business. I prefer bands that write their own songs and music, and does it well, not some random person with an easily edited voice who can read lyrics written for them and learn quickly from a choreographer.

Anybody who thinks I was trying to say "my music is better so other peoples opinions are stupid" is a retard.
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i completely agree but a lot of people say similar things with no reference. as much as i really dont like lil wayne he freestyles all of his songs so i give him credit for coming up with it all on the spot
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<- jldragon
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^ dementedllama being anonymous after doing some double-thumbing
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