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#189 - ryanfitzy (04/22/2012) [-]
Ugh Ya. Not 1 Jew denies Jesus ever existed, there's records already he existed. He's not a ******* made-up like the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny, they just deny he's the Messiah sent down from God. They are simply still waiting for their "Jesus" as Christians would put it.
User avatar #239 to #189 - fappingmyflamingo (04/22/2012) [-]
Basically, anyone who denies Jesus existed is a moron, because theres no doubt he existed. But wether or not he WAS the son of God is the religious part.
#237 to #189 - cuntdestroyers (04/22/2012) [-]
Also, wasn't Jesus Jewish, or do I have it wrong? Pic not related.
User avatar #240 to #237 - fappingmyflamingo (04/22/2012) [-]
Yeah, I think he was a Jew.
User avatar #251 to #240 - goochmaster (04/22/2012) [-]
Yes, he was.
#209 to #189 - fenders (04/22/2012) [-]
Exactly, I love it when people say, "Oh I don't believe in Jesus."
#208 to #189 - theoriginaltyson (04/22/2012) [-]
There actually isn't much written proof that Jesus ever existed and there is good evidence that he is based off of previous religious characters.
#217 to #208 - ryanfitzy (04/22/2012) [-]
Are you kidding me? There's court records of him even..Lol. Please go research before posting. This is the wrong place to state facts, that don't exist. Someone is gonna catch your ass.
User avatar #274 to #217 - theoriginaltyson (04/22/2012) [-]
There is not a single written account of him existing other than anonymous scripture .
>Please go research before posting
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Nearly everything about Jesus was stolen from previous 'gods'
A lot of his teachings are taken word for word from Buddha
The story of him being born to a virgin mother and being the son of god was taken from Hercules
This list goes on and on.
#279 to #274 - ryanfitzy (04/22/2012) [-]
"jesusneverexisted.com". ..That sounds like a reliable source.. lol GTFO.
#312 to #279 - anon (04/22/2012) [-]
just as reliable as bible...
#284 to #279 - theoriginaltyson (04/22/2012) [-]
>Not even trying to counter my argument
Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say that I won.
Also, the fact that you thumbed me down just shows your frustration.
You didn't provide a single source to prove your point.
I provided multiple legitimate sources to prove mine and your response was "lol GTFO", you obviously don't understand how debating works and should go be twelve somewhere else.
User avatar #291 to #284 - ryanfitzy (04/22/2012) [-]
1. Never thumbed you down. Obviously there's plenty of people here that disagree with you.
2. This is FJ, not a ******* College Debate Team. You want to be ignorant and believe Jesus wasn't even an existing man, be my guess. You will find out sooner or later.
3. ^^^ That alone, is enough to satisfy me, as I believe in him. I will get the last laugh anyways..
User avatar #297 to #291 - theoriginaltyson (04/22/2012) [-]
Oh **** man you used numbers!
I'm ****** now.
Saying lol i dont care ur goin to hell isn't an argument.
User avatar #414 to #297 - ryanfitzy (04/23/2012) [-]
You're right. It's not. It's a fact in my book. So believe what you like anyways, I have nothing but pity for you, and hope you find some sort of religion before you end on this planet.
User avatar #415 to #414 - theoriginaltyson (04/23/2012) [-]
You are the reason why people hate christians.
User avatar #416 to #415 - ryanfitzy (04/23/2012) [-]
"Hate"? Why So? I simply don't "hate" you. I just feel pity for you.
#417 to #416 - theoriginaltyson (04/23/2012) [-]
Tell me more about how you're better than me
#242 to #217 - anon (04/22/2012) [-]
historians still do not believe he existed and that bible is rather accumulated piece of literature. Your "Jesus" is simply a compilation of different stories of unrelated people, both real and made up.
#219 to #217 - delrio (04/22/2012) [-]
I read that in buster's voice :I
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