Pokemon Theories (part 1). Want more?. Pokemon Conspiracy Theories PT. 1 Is Ditto a failed Mew? Many Ditto can be found in Cinnabar Mansion where many experimen
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Pokemon Theories (part 1)

Pokemon Conspiracy Theories PT. 1
Is Ditto a failed
Many Ditto can be found in
Cinnabar Mansion where many
experiments took place
between Mew and Memo.
Mew and nyatto both weigh 3. 8 lbs.
at' . They have the same sprite color
scheme, with the same shinies.
They both can learn every move,
though in Dino' s case for a
martain period.
Norma Sprite Shiny Sprite Normal Sprite Shiny Sprite
Normal Sprite Shiny Sprite Normal Sprite Shiny Sprite
Weight Weight
S. Sshe
Just my lst one, if it does well I do
more and ones that are longer
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Submitted: 04/20/2012
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#12 - fistoftheaxis (04/20/2012) [-]
"What if Ditto was mass produced."

"And Mew was the perfect mistake?"
#48 to #12 - patpatty (04/21/2012) [-]
holy **** .....
User avatar #75 to #12 - OminousDemon (04/21/2012) [-]
except mew wasnt the man-made one mewtwo was

#252 to #75 - captainrattrap ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
Not man made...

That doesn't exclude...
#20 to #12 - indictmentt **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #102 to #97 - fappingmyflamingo (04/21/2012) [-]
Ditto's can **** whoever the hell they want.
#34 - missraven (04/21/2012) [-]
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#82 - agentmoleman (04/21/2012) [-]
never been a better use for this..
#58 - steelpanther (04/21/2012) [-]
enlarge for a mind blowing
User avatar #228 to #58 - snchzvrmlnmggt (04/21/2012) [-]
Some of these don't make sense :/
User avatar #311 to #228 - steelpanther (04/21/2012) [-]
which ones dont you understand?
#282 to #58 - earthbound (04/21/2012) [-]

figured this one out myself
more evidence of pokemon war
User avatar #306 to #282 - steelpanther (04/21/2012) [-]
black and white is a totally different region than kanto though. unless the war was world wide and not just limited to kanto
#91 to #58 - GingerCat (04/21/2012) [-]
I dont get why psyduck and golduck are there.   
can someone explain please?
I dont get why psyduck and golduck are there.
can someone explain please?
#95 to #91 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
psyduck isnt very advanced whit its psychic powers and has a gold colour. GOLDuck isnt gold, and is more advanced with its powers. psyduck should have the name golduck because of its colouring, and golduck should be named psyduck because of its advancement.
#224 to #58 - imaginariness (04/21/2012) [-]
I was able to read and process everything except the Ho-oh face thing. Anyone care to explain?
User avatar #308 to #224 - steelpanther (04/21/2012) [-]
on ho oh it has markings like camo that make it look like it has 2 faces.
#280 to #58 - earthbound (04/21/2012) [-]

Cubone and missingno explained
#94 to #58 - yettinarch (04/21/2012) [-]
******		 Saved
****** Saved
User avatar #66 to #58 - rainbowwdash (04/21/2012) [-]
Dont get the Ho-oh part.
Or the Raikou, Suicune and Entei part.
User avatar #71 to #66 - steelpanther (04/21/2012) [-]
the ho oh part is the coloring on its neck. it looks like a face haha. and the legendary dog part is refering to the points on its face. raikou has 4 suicune has 6 nd entei 5
User avatar #89 to #71 - theholyfrog (04/21/2012) [-]
you can go further, if you go to a newer generation and count the points on the faces of regirock, regice and registeel. i think regigigas is the last in the row with the most points
#101 to #71 - thecharlesworth **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #210 to #101 - kironasake (04/21/2012) [-]
It goes with the articuno, zapdos and moltres thing. (They have 1,2,3 in their name.)(while the gen2 trio has 4,5,6 on their "spikes")
#222 to #210 - thecharlesworth **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #65 to #58 - kingofdarkn (04/21/2012) [-]
the avatars name is aang
#68 to #65 - zoropiratehunter (04/21/2012) [-]
he intentionally just said it started with an a instead of the real name to make it flush with the pokemon plot. a main character of who's name starts with an a. he just that he forgot to make try and be smooth... love me so atla though. have you watched the first two episodes of legend of korra?
User avatar #253 to #68 - hokiefan (04/21/2012) [-]
legend of korra is obviously so much different than most people were expecting, I think its amazing honestly, ive heard two rumors about it though, the first is that the main character is a girl becuase toff was the favorite in the last series so they decided to have a strong independent woman as the avatar this time, ive also heard that this series is targeted for an older audience, instead of where the last one started, just thought i would let the world know a couple facts ive learned about it
User avatar #310 to #253 - kingofdarkn (04/21/2012) [-]
the main character is a girl heres the link to the first episode You need to login to view this link
User avatar #312 to #310 - hokiefan (04/22/2012) [-]
yeah the first 2 episodes are free on itunes too, but i was just saying thats why the main character is a girl
User avatar #288 to #253 - Dincorta (04/21/2012) [-]
Well that's very interesting. I am looking forward to the rest of the series!
#105 to #58 - scarydino (04/21/2012) [-]
So much WTF
User avatar #59 to #58 - pokemonstheshiz (04/21/2012) [-]
That's really cool, where'd you get it?
User avatar #61 to #59 - steelpanther (04/21/2012) [-]
i think i found it on stumbleupon... im like 99% sure thats where i got it haha
User avatar #62 to #61 - pokemonstheshiz (04/21/2012) [-]
Either way it's awesome. Wish I could find more stuff like that
User avatar #115 to #58 - Busboy (04/21/2012) [-]
Next pokemon phenomenom i need explained is how a pile of eggs evolves into a ******* palm tree. Even as a young child watching the show in the '90s i was WTFing that.
#117 to #58 - lordmuffin (04/21/2012) [-]
I'm going to go into the fetile position in the corner now...
I'm going to go into the fetile position in the corner now...
User avatar #70 to #58 - blackxephos (04/21/2012) [-]
blorp this is ******* awesome
User avatar #72 to #70 - steelpanther (04/21/2012) [-]
thanks man! thumb for you
#80 to #58 - hyperbear (04/21/2012) [-]
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User avatar #223 to #80 - killerliquid (04/21/2012) [-]
Aha, Epik High
User avatar #29 - dragonzard (04/21/2012) [-]
Same idea has been posted multiple times on this site.
The only difrence is that i like the other versions better because they have MORE details,
and have LARGER comps.Not just a single info.
#255 - expensiveprice (04/21/2012) [-]
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#262 - thekingofangmar (04/21/2012) [-]
Bitch please, I'll just leave this here
#289 to #262 - protroller (04/21/2012) [-]
had it saved for about 6 months lol, heres my thumb tho bro
User avatar #298 to #262 - mopmanmoss (04/21/2012) [-]
bitch please check other comment pages
#269 to #262 - Marker ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
This image has expired
The Kangaskhan/Cubone one is legit. Here's the full explanation.
User avatar #301 to #269 - cloudshadowevil (04/21/2012) [-]
Its all legit, except for the barak obama and biden one. since the game was made in 95 and biden and obama werent renowned before 08
User avatar #309 to #301 - Marker ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
I think a few others aren't quite legit either, such as the AshAang one, the BarryFlapjack one, or the Pokeball + panties = Masterball thing.
User avatar #265 to #262 - zarcos (04/21/2012) [-]
That awkward moment when the repost in the comments is far superior to the actual content...
#235 - loveyameanish (04/21/2012) [-]
It's glorious.
#157 - akn (04/21/2012) [-]
#248 to #157 - dvicks (04/21/2012) [-]
I want to find you. Thank you for posting that. Then kill you for hurting my mind.
#229 to #157 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
the one about Avatar just describes about every single anime ever made... it's nothing special
#162 to #157 - bumbele (04/21/2012) [-]
Dammit you posted that at the very same minute I did.
Dammit you posted that at the very same minute I did.
#163 to #162 - akn (04/21/2012) [-]
User avatar #152 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
In a story released by the creators of Pokemon. Ditto was mentioned to be a failed mew project. Dittos also have not been around for long and so have not traveled far (only by trainers releasing them in different areas). And because they are gender-less, you cannot bread them with each other (only in silver, gold and Crystal because of a glitch). And technically the reproduce asexually to get more.
#206 to #152 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
Does it turn you on ?
User avatar #207 to #206 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
hell no... and I don't care if that girl gets offended, but i don't like her because she is a girl and maybe a few other reasons
#155 to #152 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
you suck cocks
User avatar #156 to #155 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
#158 to #156 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
what would Jesus say about that ?
User avatar #159 to #158 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
dont care
#164 to #159 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
soooo, technically speaking, gay sex is like taking a dump ?
User avatar #165 to #164 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
wouldn't know *forever alone*
User avatar #169 to #165 - shibo (04/21/2012) [-]
I have a question, Why is it that when people say gay they immediately think men? Doesn't gay mean both men and women?

User avatar #171 to #169 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
well no gay is strictly male, lesbian is girl, but both are homosexuals. Some say the lesbians are gay girls, but that's only to explain with simple terms. That is why it is LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi, trans) instead of HBT (homo, bi, trans).
User avatar #172 to #171 - shibo (04/21/2012) [-]
Oh..ok thank you :)

....ok what happens if you're none of the above?
User avatar #175 to #172 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
there are more sexualities that are not listed (pansexual, asexual etc.) just the main 4 are listed above. its basically everything but straight.
User avatar #178 to #175 - shibo (04/21/2012) [-]
...oh god, why does the world have to make this so confusing, because I honest to god I can't find an accurate word to describe me...
the closest my mates have gotten is 'genderless demi-pansexual with a cross dressing British Fetish'
I've just been going as 'cat lady in training'
User avatar #180 to #178 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
please explain more. I might be able to help. I am good with this
User avatar #187 to #180 - shibo (04/21/2012) [-]
Ok...where to start...god I hate trying to word things Ok first I am not asexual, I know that much.
I don't have a preference for men,women,trans, genderless etc While I can look at a person and think 'wow they're good looking' that doesn't influence how I feel about them.
I'm attracted to a persons personality, who they are, their interests etc I need a connection with someone to feel anything for them.

Even then I won't act on that feeling, in fact I'm quite happy being alone. If one day I do find someone I feel something deep for I could see myself settling down.

And for some odd reason I'm very much attracted to British men, and men in drag.

The easier thing is my gender.
Physically I am female, I feel female. But I'm not a woman, nor am I man. I don't know how to explain it, but I guess to put it simply I just don't feel like a woman or a man...I just feel like me
User avatar #191 to #187 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
First off, the british and drag thing is only a fetish. And don't discount the asexuality. You can still say people are good looking, but are mainly attracted to their mind and you don't have a preference, but also are fine on their own. I also have a bi friend with likes females only for sex and males only for romance, so it is possible to be more than one sexuality. i would have to say you are pansexaul or polysexaul with an asexual mindset.i hope that helps
User avatar #194 to #191 - shibo (04/21/2012) [-]
Yeah I kinda figured the fetish bit out...no idea where it comes from.
And I am sexually attracted to people...but I need to have an emotional connection with them first.
To tell you the truth I'm not all that fussed about details, love is love, and as long as a person cares and respects me I could care less about things like gender or wither I like men or women.

I'm happy with who I am, I'll figure the details out eventually
User avatar #199 to #194 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
you have a major asexual mindset for first bit and polysexual afterwards. That is your sexuality in finer details. Glad you are happy with who you are. never forget that.
User avatar #202 to #199 - shibo (04/21/2012) [-]
Ok yeah that makes sense....I like the sound of it, thanks :)
and it only took me 17 years XD Trust me, after all the **** I have gone through, I am never going to forget that....unless I take after my mums family and develop dementia...
User avatar #203 to #202 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
well good luck with that... yea but i am glad to help out!
#166 to #165 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
accurate ?
User avatar #167 to #166 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
nope, opposite for me.
#173 to #167 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
I know, you had a bad childhood, with no father and overbearing mother.
User avatar #174 to #173 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
False, have a father still, even with my parents divorce i still see him. it was kind of the opposite for me actually. I had an overbearing father who forced "tough things" onto me with my mum just always working in her office.
#177 to #174 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
Maybe because he knew about your sexuality and tried to weed it out ? Like in a stereotypical movie. dum dum dum
User avatar #179 to #177 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
no no, he still thinks i'm straight. And i have always known I was gay my entire life. Plus, he acted the same for my brother
#183 to #179 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
I'm sorry, but in UK they are monitoring internet so if your father ever decides to work for MI 6 He will know. Anyway planing on coming out soon?
User avatar #184 to #183 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
to him, no. If he already known, he would of already killed me. And he lives in america, just like me, even though we are from England. and he works as a chef
#186 to #184 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
But think about it. If you tell him you can always try to blame him for it by bringing up the divorce, not very ethical, but that should stop him from killing you.
User avatar #188 to #186 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
still would kill me. he finds divorce more natural because it was my mum that broke it off with him. and so he would just still kill me.
#190 to #188 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
Good God, in Europe nobody cares if you like men or not. I thought that the whole 'America hates gays' is just a joke. My feels go to you.
User avatar #193 to #190 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
My dad is very old (mid-60's) and so he is not with the new style of not caring. He is old fashioned. And i try to distance myself from him as much as possible. And america is very homophobic. One phrase i say to much to my american friends... "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"
#197 to #193 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
So you are gay and atheist/agnostic. So you better stay quite in USA
#200 to #197 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
#216 to #197 - zembrache (04/21/2012) [-]
God damn just leave the ****** alone you obnoxious **** .
User avatar #201 to #197 - actinglead ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
yea i know... but I DON"T
User avatar #181 to #177 - shibo (04/21/2012) [-]
...But 'weeding' some ones sexuality out is about as impossible as trying to make a left handed person right handed....
Why do I have the feeling I'm taking this too seriously...it is way too late for me to be thinking
#51 - kevandre (04/21/2012) [-]
Coincidence? I THINK NOT
#189 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
here you go, everyone, since wmnin is obviously just copying these to get thumbs
User avatar #192 to #189 - AznCateil (04/21/2012) [-]
is there a website where i can see this??? i cant read it even with it enlarged
#195 to #192 - IBeatNiggers (04/21/2012) [-]
this version should be bigger when enlarged
User avatar #198 to #195 - AznCateil (04/21/2012) [-]
#196 to #192 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
try comment #157 that one worked better for me
User avatar #304 to #189 - superninjamonkeyme (04/21/2012) [-]
I've seen something like this several times in the comics, but this one has a few more things added. Others didn't have the fake dragonite, metapod, dunsparce/gligar, or pinsor/heracross ideas
#36 - endface ONLINE (04/21/2012) [-]
#7 - diettgrrrl (04/20/2012) [-]
I will listen to anything you have to say ever if you have a theory for what the bottom of Diglett looks like, and also how the **** he battles in water.
User avatar #13 to #7 - gammajk ONLINE (04/20/2012) [-]
#32 to #13 - anon (04/21/2012) [-]
#283 - ahnerma (04/21/2012) [-]
Old but still
#313 to #283 - anon (05/04/2012) [-]
This is stupid, he made mewtwo, to save the mewtwo?
#176 - cartbordbocks (04/21/2012) [-]
ditto = sex jelly
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