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#152 - itazz
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(04/20/2012) [-]
Someone can be fat and beautiful. You can't tell if someone is beautiful just by looking at their stomach. Being a size 14/16 girl (UK) I am kind of offended that going by this post, I can't be beautiful unless I am skinny. Marilyn Monroe, a size 16 and was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Is her stomach flat? Does she have no love handles? Does she have skinny legs? Nope. I think some people's standards are set a little too high.
User avatar #153 to #152 - pennyxD
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(04/20/2012) [-]
i know what you mean i am a size 14/16 and was like whaaa??
Big girls ARE beautiful!
User avatar #156 to #153 - itazz
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(04/20/2012) [-]
That was my reaction too (: but reading some of the comments, some guys have their heads screwed on right. You can't expect girls to look like supermodels if you are not one yourself. Kudos to the girl to have to confidence to post this picture on the internet, because I would never have the guts to. Confidence is beautiful.
User avatar #155 to #153 - tarranaa
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(04/20/2012) [-]
I'de rather have a chubby girl than an anorexic bitchh .
#161 to #155 - mufdvr
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(04/20/2012) [-]
************* dude