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This is funny because he's going to be Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby. In the Great Gatsby Jay Gatsby falls in love with this girl Daisy who basically leaves him because he doesn't have money. He goes away and fights in WWI and comes back, makes a metric ******** of money bootlegging, and moves to New York. He moves to New York to find Daisy only now Daisy has married this douche bag, Tom. Tom cheats on Daisy with this girl Myrtle. WELL!!! Jay starts having an affair with Daisy behind Toms back. Tom finds out but before he can do anything, Daisy hits Myrtle(the girl Tom is cheating on Daisy with) with a car and kills her. Jay takes the blame but before he can leave New York, Myrtles husband George shoots Jay while he's in his pool, then shoots himself.
I hope that made sense. The story is told from Spider-Mans perspective A.K.A. Nick Carraway who will be portrayed by Tobey Maguire.
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