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#521 - inserttrollname
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(04/17/2012) [-]
i'm not being a troll here (although my name said so) i'm okay with every meme, except the mr bean "IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN" and "Sad Bear Guy" cause it's made in 9gag. every meme is okay with me when it's not from 9gag or used in facebook. i'm not being a prick here either.. it's just i have friends who are "9gaggers" (if you will) who get mad at me when i reference FJ or memebase, because they said FJ and other funny sites stole the Rage Faces and others. and that makes me angry enough to write a comment about it. so please, instead of thumbing me down, could we just agree that 9gag sucks?
#546 to #521 - anon id: 55f6309d
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(04/17/2012) [-]
It's almost like Religion, I respect the belief in Religion, but I hate when they try to shove it down your throat. In other words, I don't mind their content, the users are anoiying with their 9 dicks in their mouth gagging
#547 to #546 - anon id: 55f6309d
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(04/17/2012) [-]
*but the users
User avatar #538 to #521 - troro
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(04/17/2012) [-]