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**** the faggot homos, they shouldn't even be allowed to live, let alone raise a child.
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**superclamsquared rolls 40**
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It was almost too easy.
It was almost too easy.
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My bet is that a gay family could raise a child better than your parents could.
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I'm sure you and your boyfriend will work hard on raising your kids right... fag
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This is how I 			****		 my boyfriend.
This is how I **** my boyfriend.
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And this is proof enough that for me that FJ is full of fags like you first it was the gay furries in **** then the ponies now **** like this getting thumbed up I'm going to 9gag not 9inchgag that this site has become.
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Don't get sidetracked i want a rebuttal on my previous comment don't just thumb down because you will never be socially acceptable and are butthurt literally.
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You see yourself as a woman? You need to die.
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No they can't if you know even just a little bit about child psychology you would know that for a child to properly develop they need a stable environment a father figure and a mother. So no matter how you try to spin it 2 women or 2 men can't raise a baby they can't by nature and shouldn't by morals.
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Whether or not kids from homosexual households are more likely to have a non-heterosexual orientation is still unknown. But if there is a genetic component to sexual orientation, it would make sense that kids born to a lesbian mom, say, would be more likely than other kids to be homosexual, scientists say.

Proof enough for me and it's life lessons children need to be taught that can't come from gay couples. It's almost as bad as being a single parent except they can find a step parent for the child. And that friend thing is ******** I don't know what superpsycholiberal place this study was conducted but a kid with gay parents won't have friends if people know about their parents.
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Hell yeah **** the Gays...homos.....faggots they're all the same, worthless P.O.S
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Excellent trolling friend. Excellent trolling.
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From what I have seen (friends, family, etc.) gay or lesbian parents tend to raise their children to respect everyone, whereas yours seemed to have taught you to be a biggoted asshole. Fine, fags don't deserve to live. But gay people deserve to be treated like people. Shut the **** up.
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what's wrong with not liking gays? I don't think they should have kids cause if you can't make them you can't raise them and their kids will likely be gay adding to the problem because they think it's normal.
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If that's the way it works, why do people from straight families become gay?
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Why would it not be normal? Because it's different from you?
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And there's nothing at all to be done about that.   
You make me happy, you know, knowing i'm not as ignorant as you.
And there's nothing at all to be done about that.

You make me happy, you know, knowing i'm not as ignorant as you.
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and why is that?
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Shut up.
Shut up.
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Hmm... you can get raised by two dads or two moms
whether there's two pork swords or two sausage bags raising you
there is no reason why to hate... see u were raised by a mom and dad...
they just created a dick for hating and a pussy for hating as an Annon....
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haters gon hate
trolls gon troll
anons gon be *********
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