THE TRUTH. DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER.<br /> /funny_pictures/191897/GREATEST+MOMENT+OF+MY+LIFE/ admins original post. Recently i have noticed that there has Chicken nuggets
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Recently i have noticed that there has been alot of
confusion about admin and what he is going to do with
the pictures of him eating chicken nuggets below is
what admin actualy said. and yes our lord and master
admin did say he would take pictures but clearly
there is no mention of the pictures being put up on the
site only that the pictures would be taken. Admin has
clearly screwed us all again and to that i say bravo sir..
However you should be prepared noface the infinite
wrath of ERIC CARTMAN. DC) you see this baddass
mother fuck admin. He once fed a kid his parents in a
chilli. He once edited an african kid FOR A SPORTS
WATCH. Eric Cartman will fuck your shit up.
This is your admin and creator of (way back in . has the 50 nuggets for 3. 99
deal this super bowl weekend.
I am going to buy a bucket of 50 nuggets and eat them all. This is the greatest moment of my Hie.
I love you all. Please support me and cheer me on. I will take pictures of the event.
Views: 753 Submitted: 04/14/2010