Dwitanic. Dwight K, Schrute. A BETTER WWI STORY THAN. bitch please dwight
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#7 - filopoly (04/15/2012) [-]
bitch please
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would you watch Dwilight?
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A lot of the time they aren't even "bad" couples. In fact, sometime they aren't even couples. And on the odd occasion they are the characters of an actual, great love story that no one would doubt is better than Twilight. Maybe it would be okay if everyone did it right but they don't. It's the same thing people do with the bitch please and you don't say memes. Only dumbasses make them which makes a meme with some actually potential look ******* stupid.
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**anonymous rolls 14** *roll picture*
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**funforlife rolled a random image posted in comment #283 at Jimmies have been rustled **
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