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User avatar #519 - darklucius
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(04/15/2012) [-]
Problem: Take laptop out of box, does not turn on (was brand new). Explained whole situation to tech support, purposely including the fact that it was plugged in and that I had tried pushing the power button.

Tech: Have you tried turning it on?
Me: Yes, yes I have. I just told you that.
Tech: Are you sure? The power button on your model is (wherever).
Me: I know, I pushed it, nothing happens.
Tech: Is it plugged in?
Me: Yes, and I even plugged something else into the outlet to confirm the outlet has power.
Tech: Okay, have you tried restarting it?
Me: It won't ******* turn on. How am I supposed to restart it if I can't even turn it on?
(goes through various troubleshooting issues, twice asking me if I tried turning it on and three times asking if it was plugged in)
Tech: Well, it seems like this is a serious issue. You'll have to send your computer in for maintenance. Do you know if it's still covered under warranty?
Me: It damn well better be. I just took it out of the ******* box and all I've done with it so far is plugged it in.

Seriously, what the ****? Asking me THAT many times if I tried turning it on and if it was plugged in? Holy **** tech support is ******.
User avatar #524 to #519 - darklucius
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(04/15/2012) [-]
Seriously, I'm pretty sure tech support goes like this:

>ignore customer's explanation of problem
>is it plugged in?
>did you push the power button?
>did you try restarting it?
>Are you sure you tried 1, 2 & 3 already?
>are there any lights on?
>Are you REALLY sure you tried 1,2 & 3?
>Are you really REALLY sure?
>Absolutely sure? It's definitely plugged in?
>Well, we can't solve your problem. Send it back.
User avatar #527 to #524 - Welshhobo
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(04/15/2012) [-]
What do you expect them to do? You can't fix a computer over the phone - you can't see whats going on, and if you ask the customer to do it they'd just get pissed. They have to make sure your not just a dumbass who doesn't know how to turn it on, and if thats definitely not the problem, they'll take a look at it.
User avatar #529 to #527 - darklucius
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(04/15/2012) [-]
I expect them to not ask me if it's ******* plugged in four goddamn times, especially when I told them I plugged it in when the call began. Seriously, asking me if I plugged it in multiple times does nothing. If it's not a problem that can be solved over the phone, then why don't they say so rather than asking me if it's plugged in and if I turned it on a bajillion times.

It was a real gem when, after I said I couldn't turn it on, they asked me to restart it. ******* retards...
User avatar #538 to #529 - Welshhobo
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(04/15/2012) [-]
I own my own tech repair business, and 9 times out of 10 the problem is fixed by not being a dumbass. I've had people pay me to set up their printer before saying "i don't understand why it isn't working - it can't be broken can it? blah blah blah", then i just plug it in, boom it works, and they think im some sort of genius.

Saying that ive dun goofed myself - when i got my laptop last year i didn't realise you had to switch the wireless card on with a keyboard shortcut and started doing all kinds of **** to get it working until i caved in and just looked online. After about an hour of trawling i realized you just had to push a button -.-