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#486 - TheBigGummyBear ONLINE (04/13/2012) [-]
You probably made this in 10 minutes and it's not even funny, especially not front page funny.
User avatar #487 to #486 - iMagnet [OP](04/13/2012) [-]
Go to paint, see how long it take you to make :)
User avatar #495 to #487 - awkwardsauce (04/13/2012) [-]
imagnet, why does everyone ******* hate your guts?
User avatar #488 to #487 - TheBigGummyBear ONLINE (04/13/2012) [-]
I don't care, make it funny then I'll have something nice to say about your content.
#489 to #488 - iMagnet [OP] Comment deleted by iMagnet [-]
#497 to #489 - usedtobeemo (04/13/2012) [-]
mfw you talk like a ******* facebook tween.
User avatar #490 to #489 - TheBigGummyBear ONLINE (04/13/2012) [-]
Buddy don't go all butthurt, it was a weak joke. I mean of course it's humerous but does not deserve front page, at all.

I don't have the pic but "Same joke in different content does not make it OC"

also it's an old joke, so I'm sorry I could not laugh even if i tried.
User avatar #491 to #490 - iMagnet [OP](04/13/2012) [-]
Oh well... Sorry.
User avatar #492 to #491 - TheBigGummyBear ONLINE (04/13/2012) [-]
You're not half bad, at least you make your own content and your artistic skills are impressive for paint I'll admit.

Just, need more effort on the funny part and people will not create a ********* about how you get front page in the comments

you'll have my sub and my thumb when it's frontpage worthy, this is like 5th page worthy is all I'm saying haha
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