full of normal people. . b/ all you can nix Anonymous III ()( Tue) 01 37 [II No 1403867 III You are the kids who never studied in achool becauae you didn' t nee

full of normal people

b/ all you can nix Anonymous III ()( Tue) 01 37 [II No 1403867 III
You are the kids who never studied in achool becauae you didn' t need to, who made A' s, He, and tie becauae you were emort enough to coast through anything teachers had to throw at you. You conquered the system and you knew it. Why
suck upto teachers or tome on being popular when you won' t see these people again after two jithree years, right? Yeah, /b/, that: you. That wae me, too. Life is good and eady. hot it?
Well, it is, and that' e the problem. Life is good. but to be satisfied with what is good is to never become what is great.
rm talking to you " an individual. Right now. The kid sitting behind hie computer screen. wasting hie time on /b/ becauae it gives him a laugh, puts him in hie comfort zone. and tells him that life is good and that he need not worry about following
his dreams, whatever they may be, because hae got all he neede right here. The kid who is smarter and more talented than all of his friends, but who has Ieet the motivation to show them.
But he can change. It all begins with a decicion, and all that decicion takes is a little courage. m/, you have it all but courage. It is the , becauae without it none ofthe other can ever come to life. If a loving man wee not hay
the courage's lore, he will never me. and if a emort man never has the courage's reacon. he will never do ed Whatever you are. /lsh the Ming man, the emort man. the hateful man. the passionate man. the aspiring musician, artist, politician.
philosopher, supermodel.. all you need is courage. already got everything else.
It ta kee siren gth to do aee things, /b/, but the equation is simple, and the yuria blee are there. All you need to do is utilize them. Emotional fen , psychological siren gth.
Do rft let me aee life take control of you. Ta control of life. Let me aee m me m cking heroed.
Don' t you guye remember when you were children.. when you believed you could do anything you Med? Every other week you had a new ambition. For a while you wanted to be a boxer, then an artron aut, then you wanted to open a
lemonade eta ... Hell, I kn ow at one point I wanted to be an alien hunter. rm w re you guys experienced similar enuff.
Do ft you remember watching THIS MOVE, and wanting to BE Max?
nurutu be. comi' w atch ? &
When that hot aaye " is that ", you wanted to BE that guy. you remember? It was m cking magical, dude, beca we you believed you could be that guy. But now you don' t. What happened?
Lo , latiel believe I can be that guy. My Max might not be the emme " it wae when Icaw this movie.. but hes there, and Retrive everyday to improve make myself into him. There should co intantly be a co going between
the man you used to be, the man you are now. and the man you want to be. It is how you lid PROVE. We are human. We have the ability to DO THAT SH T, ed take advantage of it.
People who my they are content being where they are are just ******* lying to themselfes. Yeah, be content, but never be . You must alw aye be ready to accept thin M the worst, but alw aye striving and hoping for things at
their best. People who my they are content with life are people who have their childhood drea ms. They are people who once wanted to be M ask, but who now hare settled for being just another goof in the crowd.
Come on guye. This is more than just emme random co you' re reading at 2 AM in the morning. This is real stuff. Take atlanta of it.
He will change your‘ life, for good.
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The voice in my head just got a lot louder.
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Can't be ******
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was pretty awesome, but then the caption happened
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all i want to do is kill people
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