What has FJ become?. Well I wont be surprised if a bunch of people comment TL;DR because for some odd reason people care that you didn't read it. I laye this si rant what has FJ become

What has FJ become?

Well I wont be surprised if a bunch of people comment TL;DR because for some odd reason people care that you didn't read it

I laye this site and I always have, butwhai the hell has this place become?
This **** clogs this site:
I . There is constant reposts and always people bitching about them when they should shut up, this is the internet things get posted more then once, just thumb dawn and
move along
2. The constant ponies. I' m a neutral, but it can still get on my nerves when ponies are literally , Please just post in your awn thread or atleast post a relevant picture
3. The pony haters. We get ifyou dislike the show, but please for gods sake shut the **** up. Every single pony picture posted is thumped dawn to by haters even
when it is relevant to the content
4 The constant complaining on this site. (yes i knew irony but i' m trying to get a point across to the users) There is complaining about Grammar, Ponies, repasts, other sites,
etc. All of the complaining is extremely annoying. There is people all the time complaining that there is funny, when yes there is you just aren' t leaking because you are to
busy complaining that there is nane
5. The constant hatred for . It is a website that meant for the same things as ours, so what if their users are younger, we have young people too. Who gives a **** if their
comics have Le, just ******* ignore it! Just because theirtoys are on our content does not mean itwas originally teem , itjust means it appeared an there, it also just
means got before us (by the way I den' t like nor do I hate it, I just den' t visit it and ignore it)
E. The horrible trolls. What happened to trolling, before it used to be a clever art outranking sameone or pissing sameone off. New all they is just spam gore or say is
great!, **** (insert great person/ band)! and then when yau respond with a comment saying shut up, they say U MAD!! and apparently they have won
Thumb this either way, I made it on an alt account
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Submitted: 04/10/2012
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#4 - anonymous (04/10/2012) [-]
next time make it readable , that's why = TL;DR

and yes as you are the OP you ******* care
#3 - uberrr (04/10/2012) [-]
<--- A friend of mine who visits 9gag called this a "megusta-face"

That´s the reason why I hate 9gag.The people there just have no idea how to use the memes correctly and it´s really annoying..Also, they overuse it.
I´m sick of hearing ppl. in my class say "lol me gusta" everytime we don´t get homework or sth.
User avatar #2 - Lionclaw (04/10/2012) [-]

#1 - anonymous (04/10/2012) [-]
Don't forget all the roll spamming clogging up the comments.
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