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Jew Here:
I am perfectly fine with Christians and Catholics, but I think that it is stupid when people say, "The Jews killed Jesus," because you are right they did, but guess what. Everybody during that time period was either Jewish, Muslim, or some crazy Roman mythologists. The Muslims weren't even there, and the Romans had a large part in it. Blaming it on the Jews is like blaming white people for killing Martin Luther King Jr. The reason the Catholic Church blamed the crucifixion of Jesus on the Jews was to separate themselves form the Jews, because early on in the Christian religion, Christians believed in the exact same things except for Jesus being the son of God. All of Jesus' disciples were originally Jewish, so the Christians began making changes to separate themselves from the Jews, and to make them seem different, and to place blame on the Jews.
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Sorry to be so hostile, but I do understand what you are saying but Jesus was killed by Jews, not the Jews.
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I wouldn't believe in such that in one picture it would have the answer to all of your questions. There would be millions of answers, like the ninjas were allergic to all types of pasta back then, his pirates were docking and coming to his rescue but were too late, ect. It would be giving away too much information if it were to answer all your questions in this mere picture. This is why faith and imagination comes in handy.
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I shouldn't have to convince you this is believable for you to be able to have faith in it. It's really all about faith. Some gaps may be in the story but that's where you come in to fill it with what you think would make sense to add, think of it like different versions of Christianity or Judaism, you make your own version of the story. It's more or less about what you want to believe than the stone cold facts.

I could write you a paragraph based on something like how the ninjas came to be allergic to pasta, or how the pirates came down to want to save him, but that wouldn't be right. You have to create it yourself and fill in the blanks.
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Well I'm not an official beliver in this, I just joined in the conversation for ***** and giggles, so it wouldn't be my religion. Unfortunately I do not have all the answers for your questions but I will try. I believe a faith in Pasto would be because there is proof that spaghetti exists. Possibly not flying spaghetti monsters, but there could be reasoning behind it e.g. being devolved into normal, dull edible pasta. I do not know the names for his desciples and how did I get my text? Do you mean how I got my replies in order? Well, I used logic and a basic understanding of the topic.

In my previous paragraphs I have said that you have to create it yourself and fill in the blanks, so yes they would have that. I would say Pasto was the official teacher before this happened, but I'm sure somewhere in the world there is somebody spreading this religion. And I'm sure the pasta god would forgive you for getting something wrong. It's not that bad compared to the murder of a pasta-being. I believe the authority lies within the facts given here and what you can do to fill in the gaps. If it has authority in it, it should make sense when fitting in the gaps.
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1. I agree, for all we know pasta could be the intelligent mute being on this earth and we don't even know it.
2. Probably a cook book.
3. How to make good pasta. Ninja's may have hated how he made pasta and held a grudge.
4. 1. All pasta is pasta, no exceptions. In my beliefs this goes for sexual orientation, species ect. 2. Why would you feed pasta to chickens? Would you feed a human to chickens? 3. I think if you fed his people to chickens yes. Again, if I fed your people to chickens would you be upset? I think it answers your question.
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Anyway, going off now. If you want I'll respond in the morning if you have any further questions.
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2. I would guess a kitchen of some sort. Or a factory that makes cook books. (This is a realistic guess, not one of those things like 'what created the universe', but if it were that then probably him handcrafting it, as Pasto is all-knowing and put his knowledge into a cook book before being killed by ninjas as he forsaw it and did not try to run or anything because he knew it was the right thing to do. By dying, his cook book would have been seen globally and recognised as a pathway to good pasta.)
3. I would have to say anything that would physically and or mentally harm a pasta being in any shape or form. (This would go for normal pasta-beings, as some pasta-beings have conditions where they cannot be mentally harmed.) All the things you have listed would come in to the laws of pasta.
4. Again, this is my guess/belief. There is no scripture, it's common sense. It's like saying there's two chickens. One is a chicken, but the other is a dragon. In this case not all chickens would be chickens, but no chicken is a dragon. Do you see what I mean? And I am glad to have given you what you wanted nois. I must say so far this is a good 'discussion' as I would put it. Argument is an overused term for religious debates. It's not like we're fighting to see which religion is the best, we are discussing the laws of pasta and everything in it.
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#380 to #378 - yentabear (04/10/2012) [-]
1. Most likely people who make kitchens and factories.
2. Probably the people who have read from the book being human beings. I would have assumed like the Christians bible, they would share the word of the laws of the pasta to the humans, being the other intelligent race on the planet.

So either Pasto or other pasta-beings would have spread the knowledge of the book and often the book itself to humans of which I have no legitimate names of. Probably a Carl.
3. The holy cook book was not just 'pulled out of the kitchen' dear friend. This took thousands of years to create and was pain-steakingly difficult to pass on. Once made, from my knowledge, it was handed down generations of pasta-beings before being handed to the first human during the de-evolution of pasta-beings.

They would have wanted to keep the religion alive and passed it down to humans. There have been many great pasta-beings who were famous for passing knowledge of the great pasta-beings to humans. Christianity may be thick and complex, but this could be just as true as your story of Christianity. If you are done with questions, what is your favourite type of pasta? I do wish we could talk pasta more too. Where is this going.
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because morals MUST come from religion riiiight? How can one possibly know what is right and what is wrong without these holy scriptures? -_-

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He said 'our moral code'. You know there are more than one, yeah? There are billions, actually, as every person lives by a separate one, but it tends to be that people that follow a certain religion try to stay within certain boundaries ('their' moral code). Engrish is hard.

Second: Can't tell if he's troll or nawt...
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The basic moral teachings of Jesus seem to be enforcement of natural, more common ideas of morality we have, plus adaptations to the newer times: Wealth, Honesty etc.

I love how you can find similar teachings in older and newer religions and spiritual traditions, religion seems to have been founded originally as a way to pass and enforce moral laws.

How can I claim something like that? well, you see: The oldest structure ever discovered, older than any city, before the times of agriculture and farming was a temple. First came religion, then came Civilization, it is part of being human, there are no historical societies without religious beliefs or morals thought through them.

TL;DR: Religion as a means of teaching morality is older than any civilization ever discovered.
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With intelligence comes the urge for knowledge and questions, the first of these questions is nearly always "where did I come from and what is my purpose". Because of this there is always the need for religion, since it answers these questions. Today there are more and more people who are rejecting religion since there are other options. But I'm getting off-topic, religion brought basic morals that were needed for civilizations to exist.
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