Photoshop Trolling. Full credit to Photoshop Request E: D to request _ Hello? we same, seems t attached my current standard moms pcture, t'  Photoshop Trolololol
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Photoshop Trolling

Photoshop Request E: D
to request _
we same, seems
t attached my current standard moms pcture, t' s taken by a
photographer thend However Ne gotten Mme mustasch
sums l was taken and t would We the mustasch to be removed tn the
pcture as well m sure t' s an easy w,
Also Wynn have tune, We noitced that my eyes went
on the new but rather on the guy heated the camera, so Wynn could
make the eyes mote focused on the new itwould be awesome
Hope to heat mm you soon!
Photoshop Request ' reguest@ photoshoprequest cc E Mar 29 (A days ago) ' s
to Anton _
Good Mommy
Apologie now ts M Vary deem tom mks thts
Ido not tum mustasch word at , can not see much mustasch You say eyes amt mote
ficus, know mustasch
Hake away mustasch to eyes and make mote focus
t ts well? Wt do tong, please say tn small words
Have aim day!
to Photoshop _
Okay, t has been a sight You took the
eyebrows out, now t wette The mustasch ts the was watt
underneath the nose
Here' s a pm of a guy ptth a mustasch
one of htm wthout
typy/ _ ontent/ Amati: aka peg
Can you make the same change to my pcture, and dont terme the eyebrows?
Photoshop Request ' request@ photoshoprequest C: E Mar 30 (3 days ago) ' s
taunton _
Ths mote We thts man you say?
Anton has , e Mat 30 (3 days ago) ' v
to Photoshop _
Okay, mm The mustache ts gone now, that tanks good! However now you
gave me the eyebrows Mme guy tn the reference Looks really wette
Put the eyebrows back
Also, as t sad heme, Wynn could make the eyes took mote dnto the camera?
Photoshop Request , request@ photoshoprequest cc E: Mar 31 (2 days ago) ' s
taunton _
Apologie Eyebrow you now
Eyes dnto camera thts ts to many camera?
to Photoshop _
Okay come andwhat the tuck ts thts supposed to be? ts thts atacking
joke? Are you retarded? t meant the photographers camera, the eyes
mote to the new Mme pcture we dnto YOUR eyes when you ate
tooting at the mute
F Photoshop @ photoshoprequest E an AM (14 hows ago) ' s
taunton _
More Apologie t queshtion English trend - me how you say request
Have aim day!
Anton Ian . - m photosho T AM an hours ago) ' s
to Photoshop _
okay. t dont know what to say to thts hots? I' m not sure tr
we ate slowly goong tn the ptth the eyes m not, nun
donttrack t can explain l better anyway Justgot me the pcture
ptth normal eyes and no mustache and t' s the
Photoshop Request ' request@ 1 28 PM (A hours ago) A s
to Anton _
The ts an automated response
Tm: request has exceeded the ttwtt seance tn serve othet requesters, we must
move out resources onto another request tortued further assistance foryour request, please
Wynn ftsh to we feedback please emant _ taur_ st com - Make sure t
Request to -101
Student Name -Yakone
Requester Name - Anton
Hours logged - 11
Thank you,
4' Team
Anton - . e M photoshot 1 44 PM (3 hours ago) ' v
to Photoshop _
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