Worth The Read. edit forgot to say that I did not make this, but don't know the original source.. Hey Sarah, how are you doing"; Tm glean. rpm What about you?'  Girl owned Relationships
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Worth The Read

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Worth The Read. edit forgot to say that I did not make this, but don't know the original source.. Hey Sarah, how are you doing"; Tm glean. rpm What about you?'

*edit* forgot to say that I did not make this, but don't know the original source.

Hey Sarah, how are you doing";
Tm glean. rpm What about you?'
Tm doing okay Say Imus wondering.
seeing as we Saturday _
d like Io as out and was a
movie or ?"
Tho, ' Me and
are owing our far alanaa" l
V" we you new Jason (mm served‘! we sienna
using our a new raysist He' resin any In
as I
wines Meenie Hank
sister be the was and no was satin) on one of the
lunch: lonely I was kind or sewn we in I
went mu In an In mm we no son or
you were
wean. I guess '
Yul: ‘ I/ e hiked In In uncut it, I
Wu wanna m, _ harem later!‘
l "I know. and are a M"
Sworn I might as wall swims new Iloveyou
I st up an mm, wishing we were together,
seems I can we you so moan I warn In
lipid peuwnen you' upset and I will! In In
wala\ i' m moved. I ‘Sal! like everything will
hockey we always boar: hare luv you Sarah,
on you any manna or
me, Indeed some withing»
you and mi
may walnut! we seen nan in .
and I lust wen you one no a mama In man
you new
Yeah. Thats light. you always were Back men. and to this very day, you
were there for me Andra's at your compuder. ready to provide a virtual hug and
a yinyan smile with your lovely B grads English. You on watch and will as I
apparently inflict View wanders guys on myself, all the while
expecting me lo turn around My the last guy and say ‘John, ms you I would
have fallen in love mi all along!' Alter which we get together and I hold your
hand through all of the movie theaters and sunny beaches and sleepovers that
you never got Io experience like the rest or us at fourteen years page,
because you have Ina gumption to do now what you didn' t have use
Compton to do then You' re dull, John You' poring, and you' re poring
because while mesa shitheads were gelling outside and into the sum making
mistakes and experiencing the wonders , you were In your room.
learning sham every facet oi your labourers RPG, pretending to understand
arguments amid religion and purines to appear smart and (Healing dreadful.
dream poem, vying to convince yourself that knowledge is
wisdom It ism, John, and the only reason I would go our with
anybody who spent so much lime learning about that owl
matter anymore is it they were confident and cheerful. or it they were gear in
Bad, Irvin's that I suspect you know milling about. View guys know that we
girls new excitement, variation. Cuddles. arguments and nor ta pst trundle
along for the my of our was with some submissive coward railing us that
we' re great, because having Io listen lo the same sappy sweet talk over and
over again is poring. I like It when I right with my boyfriends It snows that my
areal' l afraid Io value their We opinions spool me, unlike a guy a who tells me
in Interesting and sure when he really thinks rm neurotic and nor Intelligent
enougn Io pick up on ' Hue intention of having sex _ me when he was
and than Wing Io nave deep, meaningful with me Io maintain
the moods image he has or his sensitive. caring side Girls want to be wth
arterioles because they are savage and uncivilized, and In many cases we
means mar they are impulsive, run or energy and strong. as opposed to pale
skinned, calculating, 'indivual" men mo, When push comes to shove,
wouldn' t know excitement if t hit them in the lace id go so far as Io say that
your relection - or lack - or your male miners will main population grown as
more and more shy guys to become intelligent by studying a wide range of
information that is largely supplied and accepted by previous social
instead unfollowing their primal instincts or becoming grown men,
impregnating woman and thus contributing to he urns human
race rm sorry in consider the more or our species Io be more
your perms lust for a pure, innocent virgin, but quire frankly, the only thing
that your says to me is that you are vying Io appear Inn ' shy and
misunderstood‘ when In reality, your reluctance to rake some control over your
we and your tendency Io whine and reign depression when Irvin's Ont go
your way makes me trunk oi you as naming more than a
semen. cowardly prick '
Yes, I always was more or you. Looks like a pad
my pan. given Ina , Blithe response you lust rolled out
Lars pick apirl a w Irvin's, shall we? I spend lore mums In Ina sun,
largely while Itn having real adventures and experiences. Idem nave a
nil every day watt trivial lime like hanging around In parks
asking girls our because my normal his is .
making srupid decisions or Ina sake or "Enjoying vmml." mars
simply called being srupid. n W and understand
arguments about religion and poms, I am genuinely and Wing
n my understand Ina world in which I live - because Ifyou realised
anyrhing admit Ina Mule oline human vace‘ know vial
Ina , our peer supra
environment And ofcourse loom know , our at least rm Wing,
unlike you Ifyou avails dullard you would see Ina
obvious in happenings- purl know you only
dismiss mesa Irvin's because you don! understand mam yoursefl. And
please, thant my delicacy watt you as being a "sappy ," I
was justifying to give you Ina always about
leoni anyone Oise. Arid hell, now do you know II Itn any
good in pad or nor. yours lust being . Though given our
youll shop a all mesa personal Insults you can perked nave plenty or
Ina desire so . And lagging on my poetry, wnaa kind
are Wu? in lo years when yams @ kid a
some peer smiling wish mar he was inspired by
you enougn a cream more man an panel
as he mos while you wry wanna yours sleeping.
our hey, mars apparenly what you warm savage and uncivilized. How
exam is that uncivilized people build Ina civilazation you apparently
care ', by Ina way? And Mmn, nlgger knowledge nan
all come leoni ‘social _/ line you like you like Io say
to your Insecurities average
vou like to imagine ability n nave a conversacion
and/ or mass sex is somehow as valuable a Wall deep down you
by your lemme body is Ina only Pump card you nave - and NS value
was by Ina year. As , and Holler because Idiom
use all money vying to please people like you, youll look
at my , his and wonder justwhat is you marl! see pack
men. And Iii look pack all/ ml, watt your faded ramps and ,
cheap clones and be much makeup in avail!
only we you were ever really wanna, and wonder wrong
watt me a purse MUCH value on someone so common and .
Ive unverified n appear , yours mistaking
someone you or as being as and vacuous as
yoursefl. I am shy and , as vou can now see.
on and my English is A grade, WEN.
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#7 - mugglemasher
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(04/08/2012) [-]
read girls, and was like ****... then was super surprised when the guy came back and destroyed that argument.
#6 - littlebigfox
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(04/08/2012) [-]
MFW that much text...

...still read it though.
#5 - sebsxd
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(04/08/2012) [-]
<- What the guy did afterwards
<- What the guy did afterwards
User avatar #4 - sidedoor
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(04/08/2012) [-]
I almost tl;dr'ed but i read it. And i see you have a point.

Still,prepare for the fags who want to make themselves feel better by raging and ******** all over the text.
#2 - soemdud
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(04/08/2012) [-]
a note for future posts dont make such long txt´s most people be like skip oh and OP is fag ofc
#3 to #2 - twintig **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #8 to #3 - soemdud
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(04/08/2012) [-]
im surprised nobody bitched or flagged me cuz of pic

User avatar #13 to #8 - sidedoor
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(04/08/2012) [-]
Holy ****,nothing says milf like the oen with purple hair (Sorry im not a brony,i only know to recognize pinkie pie,fluttershy,derpy,and rainbow dash,when i see them)
User avatar #14 to #13 - soemdud
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/09/2012) [-]
i believe you mean rarity im not a real brony watched a couple of episodes to know what all the fuss was about and i quite like but im not a full on brony
User avatar #15 to #14 - sidedoor
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(04/09/2012) [-]
Yeah her i guess.
#12 - anon id: 7600e641
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(04/08/2012) [-]
RE-RE-RE-REEEEEEEETOAST... A good one though
#11 - anon id: 062e7f37
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Comment deleted by TheJamurai [-]
User avatar #10 - MOARkrabs
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(04/08/2012) [-]
bich got told
#9 - anon id: f4ab3448
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Comment deleted by TheJamurai [-]
#1 - turian
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