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evolution is a popular myth perpetuated by atheists. evolution states that the universe was accidentally created by an explosion called the "big bang"
evolution also claims that life somehow changed and became more complex because of random mutations. these two foundations of evolution are lies backed up by pseudo-science and logical fallacies.
you may hear about evolution in your schools. your teachers will tell you its a fact. dont listen to them. question evolution, point out the factual errors of the theory and let your classmates know that evolution is WRONG

The evidence against evolution is overwhelming. The DNA code is undeniable proof of intelligent design by our creator. this is evident because codes, by definition, must come from a mind.
evolution is also refuted by the nature and existence of genetic mutations. mutations can only scramble information. mutations cause serious problems like cancer and CANNOT produce anything that is conducive to survival
Biblical miracles like the Virgin Mary apparitions and The miracles of Fatima are perhaps the best evidence against evolution. the only why to deny these events is to say that thousands of people hallucinated at once!

Thank you for reading my message. Blessed are those who accept Jesus and reject false and dangerous ideas like evolution
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Mutations CAN cause severe problems like cancer, but unless you have a vast encyclopedia of every mutation ever existed, and can properly back it up with medical science fact and records, you can not rightly say they ONLY cause problematic effects such as cancer. Immunity to diseases are, guess what, mostly, if not, entirely due to mutations in our bodies. Also, food for thought: What if God, was the catalyst of the big bang AND evolution?
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That is how to troll funnyjunk
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It's like reading one page of the bible and saying "I know everything about anything about my religion now."
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Okay ******* . Time to educate your ass on the way things work around here.
1. No Religion ******** .
2. No causing ********** about Religion ******** .
3. You are an idiot. We don't like idiots.
Hope this helped you delve into the world of FJ.
Some ******* people, I swear.
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Fact - The bible was written as a document of faith, not of history, even though events in the bible, sync up with real historical events, does not make everything in the bible as fact.
Fact - Hundreds of people can hallucinate the same thing, or be led to believe that something happened if they were hallucinating, give 50 people acid have them watch TV, and then afterwards ask them how the National geographic Special about Lions was, and they will all believe that they saw a special on lions, because they realize that they do not know what happened. The Power of Suggestion.
False - There is conclusive evidence that any miracle ever stated, or written in history has ever been proven true.
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8/10 This is quite the respectable ********* you've created.
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<MFW people are actually falling into his troll trap.
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WRONG. And here's why:
Evolution is an observation that is demonstrable. Not a myth.

Evolution is not what explains how the universe got here, just the origins of species over time.

These "mutations" that you claim to scramble information actually just change the genetic code based on what adaptations are required to survive in a changing environment. None of the mutations here are random.

TL;DR, Easter troll fails hard
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More proof of Evolution then some invisible guy in the sky, Lol dumbass
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The only "dangerous" idea here is your right to free speech. Treat religion like a dick. You're allowed to be proud of it, but don't show it off in public or shove it down kids' throats.
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dude. if people want to believe in evolution or in the bible or in whatever they want believe in, let them be. they're happy that way. shoving the bible down everyone's throat isn't going to spread world peace or end world hunger you know.
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mainvera! that image is very offensive! please remove it!
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well aren't you a polite little troll.
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Ever heard of the John Scopes trial? It's referred by many as faith vs. fact. I'm pretty sure if something is a fact it's true.
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you should probably leave
you should probably leave
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lawlkitten! no i cannot, my mission has not been completed!
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Your mission never started.
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why haven't you been IP banned yet...?
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WHAT IF IT'S uncle dolan
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yeah but this is like his 4th account

i doubt uncle dolan would try this hard
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Dude uncle dolan posted like three very well thought out posts of the FJ RPG
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