Choose your destiny. tags. Zombieapocalypse Choose Wisely 1. Your primary weapon: ftr" 2. Your secondary weapon: 3. Your melee weapon: 4. Your gadget: Forest. F description
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Choose your destiny

Choose Wisely
1. Your primary weapon:
2. Your secondary weapon:
3. Your melee weapon:
4. Your gadget:
Forest. Few zombies, tew supplies
Farm. Medium amount of mobius & supplies
7. Your teammate:
Jason Statham
Terry Crews
Made you choices?
Let the apocalypse begin!
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Submitted: 04/07/2012
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User avatar #47 - gammajk ONLINE (04/07/2012) [-]

Honestly, if you pick anything that you think "lol kill lotz of zombes hurr hurr i wil save humanty" then you're going to die instantly. Have fun swinging a chainsaw around.
User avatar #3 - iamnits (04/07/2012) [-]
1. a
2. c
3. d
4. b
5. a
6. b
7. c
User avatar #88 - danielzysix (04/08/2012) [+] (24 replies)
C: Although ammunition isn't common, if you're accurate enough, you'll only need about a clip to make it through to places :/
C: silent as **** , no worries.
D: medium reach and durable, most katanas are fake and will break on contact. And even if it is real, its too long.
C: destroy stairs, zombies can't climb ******* ropes
B: Bikes make it easy to maneuver by zombies
C: easy to escape if problem, out in country
D: confident with my own survival skills and the others could ******* take my stuff and kill me. ( small body size and use for sex is a perk too of course ) :/
also the sex would definitely relieve you both of the stress brought on by post apocalyptic trauma.
#34 - watuppig (04/07/2012) [+] (3 replies)
alright my mate sent this to me on fb earlier so I prepared this earlier

some basic assumptions: romero type dawn of the dead zombies, but the current dead do not rise again only infection passed on to the living. if an infected doesn't feed for long enough it will die, assume about a month with 0 meat equals death, giving about 6 months minimum till all zombies are dead due to consumption of the rest of mankind, probably should wait 8 months from outbreak and minimum 1 month without seeing a zombie to be able to say you are truly safe

1. C- assault rifle, the sniper rifle is impractical to carry and is only useful at long distance in short range it can be a hindrance, really!? a rocket launcher?, while the shotgun is useful in close combat it has a low number of rounds and takes too much time to reload which is too risky.
2. A- basic handgun either is acceptable, the crossbow is unnecessary because the bolts will be unrecoverable and the ammunition for it will be difficult to acquire and the uzi will use too much ammo too quickly. the suppressed handgun would not be significantly better because suppressors do not silence a gun merely change the sound of the weapon which means nothing to a zombie.
3. D- machete, baseball bat requires too much time to kill a single zombie, katana slices deeply rather than cuts through and as such is ineffective on zombies, chainsaw is useless when out of fuel.
4. C- the rope, binoculars will be mainly unnecessary because almost all problems will occur in the immediate vicinity, torch will only attract more zombies and is a hazard, the Swiss army knife is incredibly useful but the rope will be even more necessary and most of the army knifes uses can be done albeit with difficulty by the machete.

#35 to #34 - watuppig (04/07/2012) [-]
5. A- the hummer, the bike is simply too dangerous both in riding it and as its lack of protection, tank can turn into a prison as quickly as it could be protection as seen in episode 1 of the walking dead, the boat is laughably impractical with the terrain given
6. C- the farm, the forest while low on zombies will have very little supplies and it would be difficult to set up a base with which to survive the zombie invasion for 8 months. while the city has lots of supplies the high amount of zombies and low visibility render it a deathtrap which should only be entered in the most dire of situations. it could be possible to build a makeshift fence around the farm and be able to actually use the farm for farming allowing even longer survival there
7. A- Bear Grylls, he has much survival knowledge that i do not have, such as lighting a fire. Statham and Crews are basically zombie killing bad asses but other than that they will not allow us to survive the 8 months. Megan Fox is essentially useless for survival in this situation which is all we are focusing on here. I would kill and eat the fat kids myself, not for food but for fun and i don't have time for fun in this world.

of course different assumptions would mean different choices but with the assumptions i have made this is the best outcome
#9 - seeteufel (04/07/2012) [+] (6 replies)
Katana's are probably the worst melee weapon for a zombie apocalypse. The blades shatter way too easily and you have to sharpen it every few swings.

My martial arts Sensei, who is also the Global Chapter Leader of the Zombie Research Society, told us this when we were doing a weapons class one day. I'm going to go ahead and trust that guy's judgement about this sort of thing.

Just thought I'd let you katana enthusiasts know this.
Go with the bat.

User avatar #84 - thechosenwon (04/08/2012) [+] (11 replies)
Primary: C: Holds the most bullets, reliable, not too heavy, and munitions found in Walmart.

Secondary: C: Obviously a silenced pistol would be best in not attracting unwanted attention.

Melee: B: Sword because **** your zombies.

Gadget: B: Flashlight for night times.

Vehicle: C: Tank provides good protection, as well as potential heavy firepower.

Terrain: B: City area because there are stores in which food are kept, and secured buildings. Out in the country most homes are made of wood and don't even have door locks.

Teammate: D: Megan Fox...because it's Megan ******* Fox....Biggest fan right hurr.
User avatar #11 - trostell (04/07/2012) [+] (6 replies)
I'm gonna have to change a few things. One, I'd bring a Kel-tec Scatter Gun, just to have more ammo per magazine, for a back-up, my model 1944 Mosin-Nagant, for a melee weapon, my own sharpened sword, for a vehicle, an older-model light tank, like, say, an MS-1. My "partner" would be my tank-loving murder-happy friend, and It'd be in a city, obviously, because there's enough food and fuel there to go on for months. And I could stockpile enough fuel on the side to travel to another area with a ******* of fuel. All the "gadgets" and even more useful items I could literally find in my own home. And I know a bit about making metal into wearable items, so armor wouldn't be a problem either.
#23 to #20 - lilnuggetbob (04/07/2012) [-]
" And they have RIDICULOUS amounts of fuel at airfields" yes, also swarming with zombies, and still you are not the brightest are you? shoot one gun in the city, every zombie in the city is after you in an instant, and a 37mm shell will probably kill i dont know 20 zombie? well you most likely only have  a few, and once you fire that all zombies withing a 1-3 mile radius will instantly come runing tward your location, stay safe, never go to areas with high zombie populations EVER that is the basic #1 rule of zombie survival, unless you plan on bringing the entire military with you 						*******					 dont,
" And they have RIDICULOUS amounts of fuel at airfields" yes, also swarming with zombies, and still you are not the brightest are you? shoot one gun in the city, every zombie in the city is after you in an instant, and a 37mm shell will probably kill i dont know 20 zombie? well you most likely only have a few, and once you fire that all zombies withing a 1-3 mile radius will instantly come runing tward your location, stay safe, never go to areas with high zombie populations EVER that is the basic #1 rule of zombie survival, unless you plan on bringing the entire military with you ******* dont,
User avatar #121 - onkii (04/08/2012) [-]
bear grylls because i'm a female and i would bang him every day.
#105 - patchesdacrazy (04/08/2012) [+] (3 replies)
A. Sniper - I actually ******* know how to shoot at long ranges. Mid range weapons not my thing. Also, I'd rather have a bolt action.
C. Silenced Pistol - Silent, common ammo, versatile.
D. Machete - Silent, no fuel, its a tool, and easily practical. (would prefer a wood cutting axe)
C. Rope - There isn't anything you cant do with rope if your head is in the right place.
D. Boat - Something smaller than that preferably. Something I could paddle. No fuel, no dependence.
A. Forest - My element. Come at me bitches! This is my turf!
( / ). none - I dont want to babysit Bear, Jason, Terry, and Megan. And morally, I couldn't bring the Tater Tots. (I have a soul, sue me.)
User avatar #72 - xinsai (04/07/2012) [-]
1c) good amount of rounds to a clip, accurate at distance, good "oh **** " weapon
2d) Reusable ammo if I can get my bolts back safely
3d) Machete - less likely to break than a sword
4d) Would be useful for picking locks, silent entry is always good
5 ----> I want a normal bicycle. Only fuel is my stamina, pretty quiet too, would rather walk
than ride on something loud. If I had to pick, then the tank. It has a cannon and a machine gun, why the hell not.
6c) farm due to me living on a farm, open land generally as well. Able to grow own food
7 ---> easier to move around by myself, if I f-cked up, then it would only be detrimental to me and nobody else. If I have to have a choice, then Bear Grylls, he could tell me to not eat that poisonous berry that looked totally delicious.

User avatar #69 - pvtmonkey (04/07/2012) [+] (4 replies)
1: Assault Rifle - Never shot any kind of weapon before. Shotguns seem like there's a lot of force behind them and being that I'm a girl with no experience, those are out. Snipers and rpg's don't seem very versatile either.
2: Crossbow - Already have a "close quarters" weapon so pistol is out. Why the hell would I want a silencer when I'm pretty sure a crossbow is pretty quiet, and uzis seem hard to control.
3: Baseball bat - Has the most force behind it. Can also be used for purposes other than killing stuff.
4: Binoculars - Seems like I'd be able to find most of the other stuff around in peoples' houses, but a good pair of binoculars is hard to come by.
5: Car - its the most farmiliar to me and there's the most cargo room
6: Farm - middle of everything. If zombies get too overwhelming, retreat to forest, if you run out of supplies, take a trip to city
7: Bear Grylls - simply because I don't know the rest of them and dying next to Megan Fox isn't appealing to me haha.
User avatar #137 to #133 - pvtmonkey (04/08/2012) [-]
Ohh. Okay I understand. Touche
#66 - celestialseed (04/07/2012) [-]
*SASS: The longer the range, the better off you are, plan on not being offensive.
*Crossbow: While slow to reload, this thing is almost dead silent, good for picking off those pesky roamers that get in your way.
*Machete: Overall easier to handle than the competitors. Bat isn't a good choice
*Rope: Million use item
*Bike: Need a quick getaway when the horde starts going strong.
*City: parkour central, millions of things to do/find/get away
*Jason Statham: Why not?
#52 - lamoc (04/07/2012) [-]
1: A. I'm not going to need a whole lot of ammo. I plan on playing defensively.
2: C. I chose this gun in can I have to kill a couple zombies without alerting the horde.
3: D. This weapon is very mobile unlike the chainsaw. The katana I feel would be difficult removing and placing back in the sheath over and over(I own one, not as easy as it seems). The bat is pretty useless(bashing the brains of a zombie, I can't see doing too much to it. Unless you plan on batting the whole head off).
4: C. The rope is a very useful tool but not that easy to make. You can make other tools and using the item from area 3, you can sharpen any of them.
5: C. Although the tank consumes lots of gas, it's a tank. You're a moving bunker.
6: C. You can always farm your own food and use the tank as shelter.
7: D. As much as I wanted to choose B, we need to repopulate eventually.
#48 - memenoob (04/07/2012) [+] (4 replies)
Shotgun - Ammo would be fairly common, and it's powerful.
USP .45 - Ammo is abundant, it's small and easy to carry.
Baseball bat - It's blunt, and can hit hard. It could also be used to bash doors in. It has more uses than any of the others. A bat also requires no training at all. I'm also 6' 3" and 260 lbs. There'd a lot of power behind that swing.
Binoculars - Seeing far is always nice. The lens can also be taken out to make a fire.
Hummer - Has decent gas mileage and the most space. It can go on almost any terrain. The tank gets lik 5mpg, the bike has no room, and the boat just isn't practical for any of those areas.
Farm - Not too many zombies. Farms have access to food and shelter. A lot of farmers have guns to. That means more weapons and ammo. They also have supplies. Rope, tools, a lot that'd be valuable.
Bear Grylls - I personally think a lot of his show is fake, but he really can survive and he's athletic. Even if his show is fake he still has the knowledge and the ability to survive without slowing me down.

User avatar #31 - lifetakers (04/07/2012) [-]
B. So I can shoot on the floor and kill myself.
Why would I need a secondary? I'm already dead.
My terrain would be a city, because I live in one.
And my teammate would be a fat kid, because no famous people live near me.
User avatar #29 - foreversevenfold (04/07/2012) [-]
Spas 12
Swiss Army Knife
#1 - lilnuggetbob has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
#87 - YukinApoy (04/08/2012) [-]
and i would choose these due to the fact that these would be best to use, the m16 for long range(grenade launcher for big groups) pistol for silently taking out targets in my path the mechete for close range its short so easier to swing in small areas the flashlight, for light derp and the car(have no idea name of it sorry) for more room and more likely can go off road if needed bear due to knows survival knowledge (BETTER DRINK MY OWN PISS) and the city for easier supplies even tho it will more likely be a big death trap, worth getting ****
#67 - premiere (04/07/2012) [-]
Do our companions get the same tools/weapons?
Mid-range accurate main weapon with grenade launcher for larger groups and scope for recon no need for binoculars, suppressed mid range secondary weapon for trying to get some where without detection, blunt close range weapon cant dull doesn't need gas, rope would be useful for traps or traversing areas, jeep provides protection requires less gas and can go faster than a tank, city for obvious supplies would gather as much as possible and move on be nomadic last as long as possible from city to city maybe set up a base like I AM LEGEND in a city, and bear grylls because of his combat and survival training from the navy's most hard of core.
User avatar #21 - denonymous (04/07/2012) [-]
nice job on removing the 9gag watermark. but seriously no
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