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I came first. Wink wink.
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I just always say that God created the chicken first because he didn't create Adam as a baby, just an adult male
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mud! the answer is mud. btw satire goes over many peoples heads. thumbs up to you
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>Red thumbs mean stop, green thumbs mean go.
>Anons are smarter than you.
>inb4 anons aren't humans.
>inb4 anons are always wrong.
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Lol did you guys know that birds sorta evolved from lizards and since lizards came first that means their eggs came first so there were eggs before there were chickens
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By that logic then: Which came first the reptile or the egg?
User avatar #216 to #215 - adunsaveme (04/07/2012) [-]
Well if you believe they evolved from an advanced amphibian, then the egg
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But there is more evidence that says reptiles evolved from an earlier advanced amphibian reptile whatchyacallit so the reptile still came first
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It's the egg.

not anywhere in that question does it say chicken egg, and lots of different reptiles laid eggs before the chicken even existed.
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The rooster.
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i dont give a **** their both tasty ****
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You eat eggs for breakfast, therefore they came first. Chicken will be for dinner, therefore it came afterwards.
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what about a chicken, egg and cheese bagel?!?!?!
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if god exists, why'd he create the walrus?
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I think a better question would be, what was he thinking with the platypus?
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When I was a kid, I asked my teacher that (she was very religious...) and her reply was something along the lines of this;
Well, God had finished making all of the other animals and he had left over body pieces, so he put them all together and that's how he made the platypus."
Instantly had an image in my head of God sitting with buckets of body pieces and playing with them like Lego to see what he could make...
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probably went like "ah **** ...I got all this left over **** and no idea what to do with it...um... **** it, let's wing it."
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Oh, that...yeah...See, the Aborigine Gods down there got kind of drunk once...and...yeah, anyway, no more alcohol was allowed in the workplace after that
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All that protein does is speed up egg production...there were still chicken eggs before that protein which made them produces eggs faster...obviously faster egg production means more offspring...which means more survive to continue the species and they eventually all have it due to out producing chickens without it
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Well, actually, the Chicken is a fairly recent byproduct of natural selection. See, your whole deal is kinda like a giant ass game of the Sims. I started off with a crapton of chemicals on a random planet, and BOOM, few million years later I've got humans, Chickens, and whatever the **** that Justin Beiber kid is...I'm not responsible for THAT one, go talk to Krishna or Izanagi, they're always cooking up weird **** like that.
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I am christian, and the egg obviously came first, because it was the egg that was laid with the genetic material for what would later be known as the chicken by the chicken's ancestor.
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dumb **** . do you have any idea how evolution works?
User avatar #130 to #127 - dtox (04/06/2012) [-]

what did I say wrong? The chicken's ancestor, a reptile species, on the very edge of the evolutionary chain right before chicken, lays the first egg that would be a chicken, or at least what would later look like today's chicken.
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ok. so I misunderstood your comment. sorry. but when you say the egg came first, that is not entirely true.
I am not going to go into details, and I'm going to leave much out, cause I am lazy.
like all creatures, we evolved from cell organisms that split themselves in two, then was a time when some started laying eggs, blalbabla, and all life forms (seacreatures and stuff) layed eggs, some of them evolved to land based animals. there was a time where all creatures layed eggs. but some evolved differently and mammals were introduced to the world.

it's true that the eggs is where the evolution happenes, but it would be wrong to think that the eggs came first since the eggs need to be layed.

again sorry for misunderstanding your first comment.
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But that would be a reptile egg with a chicken inside of it. Therefore, the chicken came first.
User avatar #165 to #157 - dtox (04/06/2012) [-]
except the chicken was born from the egg, the egg of which contained the genetic material, fertilized and all, to form the chicken.
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I'm a Christen and I think you're stupid leave religion off the internet.
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bacteria came first, dumbass.
bacteria came first, dumbass.
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<-- This came first
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