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Story somewhat relevant

>Went to a bonfire for friends birthday
>Was designated driver so wasn't going to drink
>They started playing some crappy rap music
>My friend said "Drink until it sounds good"
>I chug half a bottle of UV Red (Yes ik it's a pussy drink but only thing available)
>Don't remember music after that
>Remember being stupid and forgetting I was DD
>Remember bits of the night, nothing clear
>Next thing I know, in friend's basement (friend I drove there)
>Wake up for work at 7am
>22 missed calls from grandma (whom I live with)
>Called right away saying I was in Heaven and I was allowed to contact mortals
>She flipped ****
>I said fell asleep on friend's couch and she bought it
>Went to work with no hangover
>Never drank to make music sound better again
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