IrLalo: TumBLUUUUURRR Invasion. I'm back! Enjoy some non-funny OC.. That‘ s why I believe that Lady better than Macbeth himself. She is more fit to be a "King"  OC Irlalo Tumblur Penis chick are Stupid i Hate myself
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IrLalo: TumBLUUUUURRR Invasion

I'm back! Enjoy some non-funny OC.

That‘ s why I
believe that Lady
better than Macbeth
himself. She is
more fit to be a "King"
even if she is woman.
Fine example.
LADY Macbeth
in better "King"?! HA!
Lalo you' re such a
Such ll Troll
it' s not even
No, seriously!
Lady Macbeth
was the comple-
WHAT did
you just call
I think most memes
originate feom , not
I mean, Tumblr
isn' t even that old.
I don' t even
know what
Best website!
Lalo just doesn' t
know. He' s FOREVER
ALONE! Hahahahah!
To Be Continued...
No, seriously tumblr is for Hipsters.
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User avatar #3 - NarutoXSupreme (04/03/2012) [-]
I hate it when people say, Troll, Lawl, Forever Alone, etc. :( I like it inside the internet better please
User avatar #2 - stallwallwriter (04/03/2012) [-]
I've seen so many comics about things like this, and I consistently have a hard time believing that people actually have such conversations.
Also, Lady Macbeth probably wouldn't have made a good ruler. She gained power through assassination and went totally insane over it ("out, out damned spot"). She might have had a more forceful will than her husband, but that would make her a tyrant instead of a truly good queen.
However... I couldn't help but laugh at "THE INTERNET IS LEAKING!!", so thumb for you :)
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