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User avatar #94 - RebelRy
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(04/03/2012) [-]
During a zombie apocolypse, its not the zombies that are going to be the problem, its going to be humans. Zombies will occasionally be troublesome, but for the most part, they're predictable. You know what a zombie wants, and what it will do to get it.

Humans, on the other hand, you can't predict. Someone approching your base may just want a safe place to live, or he plans to kill you and steal the supplies. You may be walking into a town, and get shot because someone sees it as their town to loot.
User avatar #150 to #94 - anonassassin
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(04/03/2012) [-]
Exactly the point of dead rising and its psychopaths, that's why I love the series
#98 to #94 - Giachianeo
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(04/03/2012) [-]
See, this is why you just have to be the craziest human.

"YOU ************* WANNA EAT ME? How about I EAT YOU"

"Holy ****, avoid that crazy. Let's go to the base over the hill."
User avatar #96 to #94 - coledunk
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(04/03/2012) [-]
good point.